The Best Blog Posts On Influencer Marketing For 2015

Top Influencer Marketing Blog Posts 2015

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10 Top Influencer Marketing Blog Posts For 2015

As we reach the end of 2015, here are the top ten posts, guides, and series that offered valuable and strategic insights for influencer marketing. More than just a top marketing trends for creating sponsored and branded content with top performing social media influencers (YouTubers, Instagrammers, Viners, Snapchatters, et. al.), influencer marketing has proven to be a viable digital, social, and content marketing channel with high ROI for brands worldwide in 2015 (Adweek).

Earlier this year, our blog advertising study (a market data research survey of sponsored content across the top 100 lifestyle bloggers) brought to light how many of the world’s most recognizable brands including Target, HP, Old Navy, and many more are marketing with lifestyle influencers to accomplish both direct-response and branding-based campaigns objectives. Similarly, these methods and practices are also executed on an increasingly larger scale with newer influencer channels, social networks, and publishing platforms including YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat.

To optimize or successfully launch your influencer marketing campaign in 2016, check out these top posts, examples, and resources here:

1. Top YouTube Influencers – A Quick Resource Guide [Part I]

Our original, comprehensive guide to top YouTubers is an indispensable resource for anyone wanting to see who the top YouTube vloggers are. Although newer platforms and social networks are rapidly growing, YouTube remains firmly in the lead for audience engagement and sheer time spend. As such, many brands and marketers are increasingly collaborating with top YouTube content creators (many now managed by traditional Hollywood and entertainment agencies) to effectively reach audiences online.

Stay tuned or subscribe to our industry newsletter for Part II, a dedicated resource on “YouTube Influencer Marketing” in the early part of 2016.

2. Influencer Marketing Case Studies

With almost a five-fold increase in influencer marketing interest just in 2015 alone (Google Trends), more and more marketers are searching for authoritative information regarding influencer marketing and past campaigns. We’ve created a dedicated section here to showcase such information. Here you’ll find details and metrics pertaining to each campaign including total audience reach, primary and secondary campaign objectives, outcomes, and examples of each brand’s sponsored or branded content with each social media star.

Check out our case studies on airlines, Audible, Squarespace, and many more here.

3. Brand Guide: How To Work With Instagrammers

Alongside our post on the different types of Instagrammers, our comprehensive brand guide post here compiles all of our how-to’s, best brand examples, and top Instagram account lists into one succinct resource. From best ways to find Instagrammers to the best 3 brands that build their Instagram marketing with top Instagrammers, you’ll find what you need here in this post.

4. Best Influencer Marketing Examples

Ever wonder how major brands advertise on YouTube with sponsored videos? How about how newer companies leverage Instagrammers or Snapchatters to drive awareness and engagement to their product launch? In this section, you’ll see the best and actual examples from brands marketing with top social media stars.

5. Do Brands Prefer Digital Influencers Over Celebrities?

At the tail end of 2014, Adweek published an article “Brands’ Next Big Celebrity Deals May Be With Social Media Stars.” In 2015, Variety published a second year follow up to their survey, “Digital Star Popularity Grows Versus Mainstream Celebrities.” In our post here, we detail why more and more brands are opting to market with digital influencers to drive both sales and branding to today’s major demographics and audiences.

6. What Is Influencer Marketing?

Although our original post here was published prior to 2015, it continues to be a great starting point for those seeking to gain a basic understanding of influencer marketing. In addition to explaining influencer marketing in layman’s terms, we share insight on why social media influencers matter, the notable benefits of influencer marketing, and how best to work with top social influencers.

7. Instagram Marketing Strategy

Our dedicated post on how to best develop an Instagram marketing strategy alongside top influencers. Learn why Instagram is quickly becoming one of the top marketing channels for brands everywhere.

8. Top Social Media Influencers Series 2015

From Snapchatters to celebrity bloggers to which top Instagram accounts to follow, this is our go-to reference list for top social media influencers.

9. Best Instagram Marketing Tips

Check out this post for our top 3 Instagram marketing tips when it comes to sponsored brand collaborations with top Instagrammers.

10. Best Sponsored & Branded Content On Instagram

As part of our ongoing series, check out and subscribe to our blog each week for our “Best Sponsored Instagram Posts Series.” In recent weeks past, we’ve featured sponsored Instagram posts from Star Wars, BMW, and many other top brands.

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