Our Best Influencer Marketing Blog Posts, Infographics, & More For 2016

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A Year In Review: 2016’s Best Influencer Marketing Blog Posts, Resources, Infographics, Guides & More

Happy Holidays from Mediakix! As we wrap 2016, here are the top influencer marketing blog posts that helped shape and inform our industry of advertisers, brands, clients, and social media influencers (for our complete guides, how-to’s, and more, see our Resources page).

Stay tuned after the Christmas holiday for our influencer marketing trends and predictions for 2017!

The 10 Best Influencer Marketing Blog Posts For 2016

For last year’s best influencer marketing blog posts, please visit here. Click on each picture to access our most popular influencer marketing blog posts for 2016:

1. The 10-Step Roadmap For Influencer Marketing Campaigns


From determining campaign budget and KPIs to crafting a solid influencer agreement, this blog post and infographic outlines the 10 essential steps to any influencer marketing campaign.

2. How To Advertise On Snapchat


Learn the 9 different ways to advertise on Snapchat. This blog post outlines how brands can advertise on Snapchat with or without influencers including Snap Ads, Geofilters, Takeovers (also one of our most popular influencer marketing blog posts—see below), and more.

3. How To Advertise On YouTube

How To Advertise On YouTube Infographic

YouTube remains one of the most popular social media platforms for both brands and social media influencers. In our blog post, we share an infographic breaking down the 10 different ways to leverage YouTube for marketing including the most popular types of YouTube influencer sponsorships (e.g. dedicated vs. integrated, shoutouts, post roll, and many more).

4. Influencer Marketing Case Study: Coachella 2016


As one of the world’s most popular music destinations and social media hot beds, Coachella 2016 presented unique and impactful advertising opportunities especially for the brands leveraging influencer marketing. In our case study, we present an 11-page PDF download chronicling the success of 3 brands at Coachella: American Express, Revolve, & Lokai.

5. The 13 Most Popular Types Of YouTube Videos


As part of our 2015 influencer marketing data study, we surveyed the top 300+ YouTube influencer channels to find the most popular types of YouTube videos produced and presented our finds here.

6. The Influencer Marketing Statistics To Know For 2016


These statistics represent some of the biggest drivers and trends in influencer marketing. See our infographic and original research showing a 90x rise in influencer marketing interest since 2013, a 60% increase in influencer marketing budgets for 2016, and more.

7. How To Spot Fake Followers On Instagram

How To Spot Fake Followers On Instagram

This post outlines possible ways to identify Instagram accounts with inflated follower accounts and engagement while also surfacing an important and growing need in the influencer marketing industry: the ability for advertisers to discern influencers who adhere (or don’t adhere) to best and ethical practices including 2016’s updated FTC compliance for sponsored posts.

8. How To Do A Snapchat Takeover In 6 Steps

How To Do A Snapchat Takeover Infographic

As one of the “9 Ways To Advertise On Snapchat,” our post outlines the 6 critical steps brands need to take in order to execute a successful Snapchat Takeover. See our infographic to learn best practices on finding your Snapchat influencer, coordinating with your Snapchat influencers, and more.

9. 20+ Instagram Case Studies: Top Brands & Campaigns For 2016


10. Constructing The Perfect Influencer Agreement


From who retains creative control to lengths of campaigns to content licensing, this post details important information that should be included in every influencer contract. See our post for everything you need to know about influencer agreements, why they are important, FTC disclosures, and more.

Top Influencer Marketing Blog Post Honorable Mentions

While these posts didn’t make our top list, we chose to include them as honorable mentions. Most of the following posts represent trending or impactful news in 2016 surrounding the influencer marketing space:

The Best Snapchat Accounts To Follow: Sports Stars & Athletes


The world is endlessly fascinated with sports stars and it’s no different on social media’s top platform, Snapchat. Here are the 10 celebrity athletes to follow on Snapchat for the best “day in the life” Snaps from Olympic track star Lolo Jones to NBA point guard Russell Westbrook and more.

Vine Stars Dish On Platform’s Death


Twitter axed it’s social video platform Vine in 2016. Here’s what top Vine stars had to say about the bittersweet end. See how these top social media celebrities reacted via their Tweets, videos, and more in our blog post coverage.

The Facebook Video Statistics Every CMO Should Know


Facebook made good on Zuckerberg’s promise of keeping video front and center for 2016. See our post for some of the biggest video statistics fueling Facebook’s growth including mobile usage, livestreaming, advertising, and more.

Case Study: Engagement Rates Of Top Influencers vs. Best Brands On Instagram


Over the summer, we analyzed the top 100 Instagram influencers and compared them to the top 100 brands on Instagram. See our intro post here for how influencer vs. brand engagement rates stack up against each other.

Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat Stories: Which Is Best?


Perhaps one of the biggest social media “stories” of 2016 centered on Instagram’s rollout of “Instagram Stories”—Instagram’s version of Snapchat Stories. See our infographic for the salient differences between the two platform functionalities.

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