How Brands Work With Influencers On Holiday Marketing Campaigns

Holiday Marketing Campaigns Brands Advertising With Influencers

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Learn How Brands Are Working With Influencers On This Year’s Holiday Marketing Campaigns

It’s definitely the most wonderful time of the year for the advertising industry. The holidays represent a crucial time for businesses and marketers to reach audiences. Whether consumers are affected by the general spirit of giving or a driving need to spend, advertising during the season often see increases in important ad metrics and indicators of sales. As seen from 2015, ad impressions increased by 50%, click-through rates increased by 100%, direct traffic experienced an upshot of 150%, and conversion rates rose by 60% (Kissmetrics).

Nonetheless, some marketers are still facing issues reaching key audiences during the holidays. Increased competition during the last quarter among brand advertisers has traditionally made ad space during the holidays more expensive (Marketing Land). Even more, amongst the plethora of emotionally charged stories, marketers still have to fight to create the most compelling content. Influencer marketing can be an effective strategy to overcome these issues. Here’s why and how it can fit into a holiday marketing campaign.

Why Brands Should Work With Influencers For Holiday Marketing Campaigns

An influencer marketing strategy can assist brands in reaching people as advertising options become more expensive during the shopping season. With mobile and social media shaping modern communication, ad spend in mobile and social is expected to be higher during the holiday season (Digiday; Marketing Land). To best capitalize on mobile and social, marketers should consider working with the most prominent and most trusted figures in social media.

Further, influencer marketing, in its nature, can overcome major difficulties that come with traditional digital ads such as ad blocking and social media algorithms. Significantly, influencer marketing campaigns can help brands to increase exposure by reaching niche audiences that could be expected to convert at a high rate. Not only do influencer campaigns increase ad opportunities and space for brands during the holidays, they are also beneficial to a brand’s consumers in many other ways (namely, consumers are much more apt to trust and act upon recommendations from top digital stars).

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How Influencers Can Help Brands Build The Ultimate Holiday Marketing Campaign

Brands also struggle with coming up with memorable content amidst the saturation of touching stories and interactive adverts over the holidays. However, when a brand gives creative control to an influencer on a campaign, the right influencers are able to organically integrate the brand’s messaging into their own established, audience-approved narrative.

Great sponsored influencer content leverages an influencer’s relationship with his or her audience, and addresses the value of a brand in the context of a consumer. Moreover, content created by an influencer is curated to a specific audience and is founded on an audience’s tastes. The result is an authentic and engaging message that both resonates with an audience and makes a lasting impression.

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Brands That Have Stand-Out Holiday Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Influencer marketing campaigns give brands an opportunity to become a part of the pre-existing stories of the internet’s most famous. We examine how the biggest brands have partnered with influencers this holiday season to get consumers in the cheerful spirit.

Amazon Partners With Top YouTubers For Prime

Amazon worked with top YouTubers Ingrid Nilsen and Alex Wassabi to show consumers how Amazon Prime could be used during the holiday season to delight loved ones. Both YouTubers ordered and unboxed Christmas decor and surprised their significant others with a decorated home. Ingrid created a “doggy Christmas” for her friend’s dog Hendricks, and Alex created a “Los Angeles winter wonderland” for his girlfriend.

Ingrid Nilsen

Alex Waasabi

Armani Beauty Teams Up With Instagram and Facebook Influencers

Over the past week, Armani Beauty has been promoting its fragrances as gifts using Instagram and Facebook influencers. In addition to tagging @armanibeauty, these social influencers also indicated to their followers where they could find a product. For instance, top Instagram influencers Wendy Nguyen and Julia Engel each posted a shot of Armani’s Code Profumo and Acqua di Gio, respectively, and their availability at @Nordstrom. Men’s Fashion Post published similarly, showing that Acqua di Gio was also available at @Macys.

Wendy Nguyen

Holiday Marketing Campaign Wendys Lookbook Armani Beauty

Julia Engel

Holiday Marketing Campaigns Armani juliahengel

Men’s Fashion Post

Armani mensfashionpost Holiday Gift Advertisement

Secret Life of Pets Movie Activates Online Pet Stars

The Secret Life of Pets movie is collaborating with social media’s cutest and most beloved creatures to promote its DVD and Blu-Ray release. Just like the pets in the movie, Instagram influencer Doug the Pug engages in mischievous holiday activities after his owner leaves the house, and gifts the DVD to another pug in a video. Pomeranian jiffpom is also depicted shopping, similar to how pets acted in the movie. Finally, on Facebook, Marnie The Dog is photographed relaxing back with his friend, about to watch the movie on his official Facebook page.

Doug The Pug


Holiday Marketing Campaigns The Secret Life of Pets jiffpom

Marnie The Dog

Holiday Marketing Campaigns Secret Life of Pets Marnie The Dog

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