The 20 Best Food YouTubers & Channels Teaching The World To Cook

Best Food YouTubers Channels Cooking

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The Top Food YouTubers & Channels Making The World Hungry

Cooking shows have been prominent since the early days of television. In recent years, though, YouTube has become a primary home for food and cooking content. Empowering nearly everyone with tools for high-quality content creation, YouTube allows everyone from amateur chefs to seasoned professionals to broadcast from any kitchen in the world.

With YouTube’s widely available platform and toolset, cooking shows have evolved into a genre of online entertainment with endless creative possibilities. To help you navigate the endless sphere of food entertainment, we’ve compiled a list of the top 20 food YouTubers. Check it out, but be prepared to leave hungry.

1. Rosanna Pansino – 8.8 Million YouTube Subscribers

Rosanna Pansino’s hit YouTube videos teach viewers how to make pop-culture-inspired desserts. Fans of everything from Frozen to Game of Thrones tune into Pansino’s weekly show, Nerdy Nummies, for fun and easy to follow D.I.Y. baking videos.


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2. Epic Meal Time – 7 Million YouTube Subscribers

For the guys behind Epic Meal Time, the diet doesn’t start tomorrow — it doesn’t exist at all. Their mouthwatering videos ignore calorie counts as they show over 7 million subscribers how to make everything from bacon-wrapped-bacon burgers to 84-egg sandwiches.


Food YouTuber Example Fast Food

3. Tipsy Bartender – 3.2 Million YouTube Subscribers

On Tipsy Bartender, the great Skyy John shows that anyone can be an expert mixologist. After learning how to concoct inventive, colorful and delicious cocktails, viewers will be more than ready to host their next great party.


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4. How to Cake It – 3.2 Million YouTube Subscribers

For Yolanda Gampp of How to Cake It, the cake is the canvas. Over 3 million subscribers watch as she expertly decorates her creations, transforming them into stunning works of art. From stormtroopers and BB-8 to dinosaurs and teacups, every cake has an identity of its own.


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5. How to Cook That – 3.2 Million YouTube Subscribers

Before creating a YouTube channel with over 3 million subscribers, Anna Reardon launched the How to Cook That website in 2011. Her fame flourished as she inspired fans to have fun in the kitchen by baking imaginative desserts like iPad and SpongeBob cakes.


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6. Jamie Oliver’s FoodTube – 3.1 Million YouTube Subscribers

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver took his star power to YouTube to create one of its most popular food channels, FoodTube. YouTubers flock to the channel for straightforward directions on how to cook both simple and elaborate dishes that never fail to please.


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7. MyCupCakeAddiction – 3.1 Million YouTube Subscribers

Have a favorite candy or sweet? Chances are that Elise Strachan of MyCupCake Addiction has turned it into a cake. Whether it’s a Skittles cakes, a jelly bean cake, or a Twix cake, MyCupCakeAddiciton can show you exactly how to make it.


Top Food YouTubers

8. Laura in the Kitchen – 2.8 Million YouTube Subscribers

Laura in the Kitchen helps viewers turn their homes into everything from Neapolitan pizza kitchens to Roman pasta factories. Her interactive YouTube cooking show specializes in Italian cuisine, proving that cooking delicious food can be fun and easy.


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9. MyHarto (My Drunk Kitchen) – 2.5 Million YouTube Subscribers

Being intoxicated has a way of making novice cookers feel like gourmet chefs — at least until the booze wears off. On her hit YouTube series My Drunk Kitchen, Hannah Hart channels her inner drunk expert as she prepares delicious dishes under the influence.


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10. Food Wishes – 2 Million YouTube Subscribers

Chef John Mitzewich’s reputation is built on serving up sensational American staples. On his YouTube channel, FoodWishes, Chef John asks viewers for their “food wish” — a dish they’ve always wanted to cook — and then teaches them how to make it.


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11. SortedFood – 1.7 Million YouTube Subscribers

SortedFood was started by a group of childhood friends who turned their habit of talking about food into a massive YouTube channel. Working out of a studio space in East London, their videos focus on cooking the kind of food that brings people together for an unforgettable night around the table.


Top Food YouTubers Example Life Hacks

12. Cooking with Dog – 1.3 Million YouTube Subscribers

Who knew that dogs make pretty great sous-chefs? On Cooking with Dog, “Chef” is joined by her toy poodle Francis for amusing instructional cooking videos. Together, they teach viewers how to make delectable Japanese dishes and more.


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13. ByronTalbott – 1.3 Million YouTube Subscribers

Byron Talbott has become a fixture of the L.A food scene. He’s worked with stars like Gordon Ramsay and Thomas Keller and now shares the gourmet recipes and secrets he’s learned on his culinary journey through his popular YouTube channel.


Top Food YouTubers Chocolate Ball

14. Binging with Babish – 1.3 Million YouTube Subscribers

Everyone salivates over the delicious food they see on television. Binging with Babish feeds your cravings by recreating iconic food dishes featured in movies and television. Soon enough you won’t just watch TV, you’ll get to eat what’s on it, too.


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15. HellthyJunkFood – 1.2 Million YouTube Subscribers

On HellthyJunkFood, Julia & JP create extraordinary renditions of their favorite junk food meals and snacks. Their most popular videos supersize some of America’s fast food staples — from McNuggets to Cheetos — into gigantic, decidedly not healthy meals.


Top Food YouTubers McNugget

16. Nicko’s Kitchen – 1.1 Million YouTube Subscribers

Nicko’s Kitchen out of Australia teaches viewers how to cook restaurant- style comfort food. Using local produce and supplies, each of Nicko’s dishes has a homemade feel and a sense of Australian originality.


Top Food YouTubers French Fries

17. Peaceful Cuisine – 1 Million YouTube Subscribers

Peaceful Cooking taps into the serenity of making food. Chef Ryoya has amassed over 1 million subscribers using high quality video and atmospheric background music. Learn how to make Japanese cuisine and relax at the same time with his tranquil, and easy to follow videos.


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18. Feast of Fiction – 950,000+ YouTube Subscribers

Feast of Fiction turns fictional food delights like the Krabby Patties and Butterbeer into party staples. Hosts Jimmy Wong and Ashley Adams show their audience of nearly 1 million subscribers that a dash of imagination is always a vital ingredient when preparing proper feasts.


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19. Brothers Green Eats – 920,000+ YouTube Subscribers

Brothers Green Eats is a lively cooking show from brothers Joshua and Michael Greenfield. With each episode, cooking becomes less intimidating as viewers learn that each meal is an opportunity to bring something new to the table.


Top Food Influencers

20. You Suck at Cooking – 700,000+ YouTube Subscribers

You Suck at Cooking combines imaginative food skits with instructional cooking to keep his more than 700,000 followers entertained while they cook. Viewers learn that sometimes, the only thing standing between them and great cooking is self-doubt.


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