The Best Fitness Instagram Accounts Help Inspire, Motivate, & Unite Users

Best Fitness Instagram Accounts Top Instagram Influencers

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How The Best Fitness Instagram Accounts Inspire Millions

According to a recent Business Insider article, Instagram is “spurring the biggest shift the fitness world has seen in decades” as today’s best fitness Instagram accounts are inspiring the platform’s 400 million active users to exercise, eat healthy, and adopt health-conscious lifestyles. By posting daily fitness inspiration (or #fitspo) photos, lending workout advice, and sharing healthy recipes with tens of millions of followers, today’s top fitness Instagrammers are pushing social media users to reach their fitness goals and cultivating highly-engaged communities in the process.

The Life-Changing Effects Of The Best Fitness Instagram Accounts

Instagram’s ability to influence purchasing decisions is well-documented—a recent Sprout Social survey found that 74% of consumers consult social media before buying a good or service. Now, the best fitness Instagram accounts are leveraging the platform’s image- and video-focused format to expose millions to daily doses of inspirational photos, motivational advice, and brand recommendations to help consumers replicate fitness Instagrammers’ success.

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Brands, too, are leveraging the popularity and inspirational nature of today’s best fitness Instagram accounts to increase company awareness and reach scores of new Instagram users. Recently, Apple partnered with famous lifestyle and fitness Instagrammer Kayla Itsines to develop a video designed to target the social media star‘s 5 million Instagram followers (see example below).

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The 5 Best Fitness Instagram Accounts To Fuel Healthy Lifestyles

Dickerson Ross

Hailing from Cornwall, England, Dickerson Ross is one of the best fitness Instagram accounts with over 1 million followers. In addition to being a hugely popular fitness Instagrammer, Ross is also an avid Snapchatter who often posts Snaps of his meals and workouts and offers training plans on his personal website. Fitness, lifestyle, and active living brands oftentimes will work with top Instagram influencers like Ross through long-term collaborations or sponsorships in addition to sponsored Instagram posts.

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Meet me at the bar ? Shot by @theiobot – check out his page for more of my pics ?

A photo posted by Lauren Drain Kagan (@laurendrainfitness) on

Lauren Drain Kagan

Lauren Drain Kagan is a registered nurse, New York Times best-selling author, and maintains one of the top fitness channels on Instagram. Like Ross, Kagan leverages her immense following of 2.4 million to provide training plans, workout guides, targeted advertising opportunities to reach audiences interested in healthy lifestyles, and a daily dose of fitness inspiration.  

Paige Hathaway

As one of the most recognized top fitness accounts on Instagram (with over 3.5 million followers), Paige Hathaway has built a considerable audience of fitness aficionados across many social channels. Hathaway has successfully parlayed her social media stardom into several entrepreneurial ventures and continues to innovate with new, consistent content for her avid fans. Her Instagram account features snippets of her favorite healthy dessert recipes, workout routines, inspirational messages, and aspirational lifestyle.   

Take each workout to YOUR next level and feel yourself getting closer and closer to achieving your goals ??

A video posted by Kayla Itsines (@kayla_itsines) on

Kayla Itsines

A breakout top fitness account on Instagram (5 million followers to date), Kayla Itsines is well-known for her bikini guides. With the success of her Instagram channel, Itsines has reached countless millions fueling her notoriety both online and beyond (Itsines’ international tours and boot camps are well-attended and often attract hundreds of fitness-focused fans). Recently, Itsines was one of the top social media influencers tapped by Apple for the promotion of their watch.

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Simeon Panda

With one of the most outrageous physiques, Simeon Panda boasts one of the most popular Instagram fitness accounts (2.2 million Instagram followers). Panda posts many videos on Instagram and can frequently be seen attending all of the world’s top fitness expos and conventions. In addition to having one of the best fitness Instagram accounts, Panda also is active on YouTube and promotes his training programs on his website.  

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