Best Brands On Instagram Working With Top Influencers

Best Brands On Instagram Marketing With Influencers

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A Look At The Best Brands On Instagram Working With Influencers

In addition to Instagram’s new sponsored ad offerings, many brands are marketing on Instagram with top social media influencers. Marketing with social media influencers provides brands a succinct way to reach targeted audiences on Instagram and elicit engagement with potential consumers ultimately driving up profitable action and brand affinity. With influencer marketing, brands can strategically partner with prominent social media influencers (Instagrammers, YouTubers, bloggers, et. al.) to create aspirational lifestyle sponsored content that resonates with a brand’s target audience. To learn more about how brands market with Instagram influencers, see our brand guide here.

Retailer Old Navy, watch brand Daniel Wellington, and beauty subscription box Ipsy are three of the best brands on Instagram marketing with influencers. Many other brands in different industries (including automotive brands, airlines, and hospitality) also market with social media influencers on Instagram.

Here are 3 best brands on Instagram marketing with social media influencers:

Old Navy

Old Navy markets extensively with prominent social media influencers including several of the world’s top fashion bloggers on Instagram (see our list for 20 Top Fashion Bloggers for 2015). With their Instagram marketing strategy, Old Navy sources user-generated content from well-known and respected fashion bloggers to post on their social channel. By partnering with these top fashion bloggers (all who have sizable Instagram accounts in addition to high-traffic blog sites), Old Navy ensures that their Instagram marketing features both well-styled and photographed aspirational content likely to resonate with their target consumer audiences.

Daniel Wellington

As one of the largest Instagram channels for watches, international watch company Daniel Wellington built its success primarily off of social media marketing (Bloomberg). With a long history of marketing with prominent social media influencers (see this 2012 post from 2012), Daniel Wellington continues to lead Instagram marketing with influencers by teaming up with top men’s fashion influencers (including Blake Scott of The Scott Effect), food, and photography Instagram channels from around the globe.


Perhaps the poster company built on influencer marketing, Ipsy is the beauty box subscription service from mega YouTuber star, Michelle Phan. As one of the top beauty channels with over a million followers (see Digiday’s recent article on the success of fashion and beauty brands on Instagram), Ipsy’s Instagram channel features some of the top fashion and beauty Instagrammers including @chrisspy and @lustrelux. For a look at the top Instagram accounts for fashion and beauty, check out our post here.

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