Apple To Roll Out Marketing Campaign With Popular YouTubers

On a recent Toyota-sponsored road trip, Louis Cole and several popular YouTubers met with Apple at their Cupertino HQ (3:00) to confirm forthcoming collaboration(s). 

Apple Planning To Market With Popular YouTubers For Rumored New iPhone 6s Plus Ad Campaign

As increasingly more ad dollars and marketing campaign budgets are allotted for digital marketing (up to 80% of companies according to Ad Age), major household brands and companies are partnering with top social media influencers to galvanize huge teen, Gen X, and millennial consumer bases and elicit audience engagement. After a video published on August 6, 2015 by popular travel and adventure YouTuber, Louis Cole “FunForLouis,” it appears that tech giant Apple itself will engage in influencer marketing with popular YouTubers for possible promotion of its forthcoming iPhone 6s Plus release.

Similar to Apple’s Tumblr ad campaign for the iPhone 5c, marketing with popular YouTubers ensures that Apple will deftly reach targeted and ideal demographics, audiences, and followers for forthcoming products and launches. Apple’s collaboration with top YouTubers signifies how name brand global brands recognize the efficacy of reaching consumers online through YouTube influencer marketing.

As excerpted from Cole’s video (3:21),

“Well guys, that was an exciting, but very long meeting. We ended up going for some food and drinks and stuff at a bar, but turns out I’m going to be doing some stuff with Apple. They don’t work with many people, but we’re going to be doing some stuff together and…which is exciting. I can’t tell you more than that.”

Popular YouTubers Involved In Apple’s Impending Marketing Campaign

Earlier this year at VidCon 2015 (see our post “VidCon 2015: Everything You Need To Know“), Apple reportedly was in talks with Wong Fu Productions (known for their musical parodies and Asian-culture comedy sketches; comprised of filmmakers Wesley Chan, Ted Fu, and Philip Wang) — their channel boasts close to 400 million total video views with over 100 videos surpassing 1 million views each; their most viral video “Strangers, again” (see embedded video below) totals over 16 million views.

As part of his Toyota-sponsored “Let’s Go Places” video marketing campaign (see kick-off video below starting 2:45), the travel adventurer Louis Cole road trips to his Apple HQ meeting with other popular YouTubers including Dave Erasmus and Raya, travel and lifestyle vlogger of RayaWasHere. See how other brands are working with other travel and hospitality social media influencers here.

Apple Marketing With Popular YouTubers Louis Cole FunForLouis
image via MacRumors

Moving forward, Apple’s forthcoming marketing campaign with popular YouTubers adds to the significant trend of globally recognized companies collaborating and creating sponsored or branded content alongside digital influencers to reach massive consumer audiences online. Advertisers of all categories, including beauty and fashion brands targeting consumers on Instagram to California tourism releasing a video series with popular YouTubers to financial services, are aligning with social media influencers to best market their brand, product, and service.

Wong Fu Production’s “Strangers, again”

FunForLouis AKA Louis Cole’s “Starting The Roadtrip”

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