Amazon StyleHaul Partnership Leverages Top YouTube Influencers

Top YouTube Influencers Are A Major Part of Amazon – StyleHaul Partnership

Digital marketing has certainly seen drastic changes over recent years. As the internet becomes an increasingly integral part of our daily lives, more and more successful digital partnerships are formed between online companies. With mobile data usage up 69% from last year and Americans spending close to 3 hours a day solely on their mobile devices, using communication platforms like YouTube at an astounding rate, finding innovative ways to leverage these content publishing platforms to grow and expand from a business perspective is practically a necessity.

StyleHaul is an example of a company which taken advantage of YouTube influencers and the large consumer base that follows them with their recent partnership agreement with Amazon holds great potential for both companies.

Who Is StyleHaul?

As the largest global content creator community with over 6,000 creators, StyleHaul is a major digital marketing platform for women’s fashion, beauty, and health brands. The StyleHaul headquarters are in San Francisco, but they have quite a few other offices such as their locations in Chicago, New York, London and Singapore.

Their online presence is huge, with over 1 billion views weekly from 60 million subscribers in 63 different countries. While StyleHaul has an online presence across four major platforms, it’s most influential by far is YouTube. StyleHaul has been a melting pot of YouTube influencers for quite some time now to reach millions of viewers and building trust by reviewing products. Creating this agreement with Amazon may stretch their reach to double or even triple the viewers.

How Are They Partnering With Amazon?

This partnership is centered around a deal to release short videos on select products which would include YouTube influencers such as Alisha Marie, Megan Parken and Dulce Candy. These influencers would be posting videos reviewing products on Amazon to help give shoppers more information on different products. With a large audience already established who trust what these personalities have to say, the strategic alliance between product and influencer can make the difference between whether a product sells or doesn’t.

YouTube Influencers Bring Big Bucks

YouTube has been the location for online engagement, resulting in the development of influential personalities. These YouTube influencers have become more popular among teenagers in America than most mainstream celebrities. The numbers are staggering: YouTube boasts over 6 billion hours of viewership per month, with 100 hours of video getting uploaded each minute. Viewers are undoubtedly going to see their favorite personalities online daily or weekly, such as those from StyleHaul, so chances are high they will appreciate their favorite reviewer offering advice right there on the Amazon product page. It’s a very natural fit to transition the YouTube influencer from YouTube to Amazon, two of the highest visited websites, so the partnership will be a seamless symbiosis.

Advertising and marketing are becoming less about companies telling consumers what they want, and more about real people having real conversations about products and services that can change our lives for the better. With a powerful online e-commerce platform and so many YouTube influencers out there ready to make a difference, it isn’t any wonder that companies like StyleHaul have been willing to make serious strides in the online marketplace, across many large platforms such as Amazon. Similarily, Amazon benefits from this newly established relationship with top YouTube influencers by further perpetuating Amazon’s hip reputation as the go-to marketplace for Millennials. The new partnership can only make both companies’ existence more pronounced, and the reach wider as time passes.