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Amazon Marketing Case Study: How Amazon Partners With Influencers For Audible, Prime Day & More

Amazon is the biggest e-commerce website in the world and continues to grow rapidly, with new features and options for its audience every day. Whether it’s the newest digital TV series or its smart home Echo, Amazon is seemingly specializing in every industry. To break into new industries, Amazon markets to new audiences through influencer sponsorships on social media.

This Amazon marketing case study explores how Amazon advertises a variety of products and services by leveraging Instagrammers, YouTubers, and influencer marketing.

How Amazon’s Marketing Strategy Incorporates Influencers 

In the past several months, Amazon has partnered with several micro and macro-influencers to promote a variety of its latest services, including Audible, Audible Canada, Amazon Fresh, Prime Day, and Prime Now.

To promote each Amazon product, influencers included corresponding hashtags in the captions of their posts, as well as proper disclosure tags such as #ad, #sponsored, and #sponsor. Product specific hashtags used include #amazonfresh, #primeday, #primenow, and #yougottahearthis.

Amazon Promotes Audible Through Social Media Influencers

Amazon effectively promotes Audible to young adults and parents through influencer marketing campaigns on both Instagram and YouTube. In its recent Audible campaign, Amazon partnered with six Instagrammers and five YouTubers, generating a total of 14 sponsored posts and videos. To encourage viewers to try Audible, the sponsored social media influencers share their experiences with Audible and often offer a link for a 30-day trial. 

California based micro-influencer and young mother Hailey Pham was one of the top performing influencers in the Audible campaign. Hailey’s sponsored post received over 600 likes and achieved an engagement rate of 13.7%.

Her post uses a relatable personal anecdote to highlight how Audible has made otherwise tedious tasks, such as organizing the baby room, more enjoyable.

Social media macro-influencer Tyler Oakley was one of the top performing YouTubers in the Audible campaign. The well-known lifestyle, gay YouTube influencer created a Q&A video in which he discusses what he likes to listen to on Audible.

He posted two sponsored videos, and the higher performing of the two saw an engagement rate of 10.6%, with nearly 400,000 views, 40,000 likes, and over 1,300 comments.

Audible Canada Activates Top Celebrities

Amazon recently launched its Audible service specifically for Canadian consumers. The new service features Canadian authors, audiobooks in English and French, and more.

To celebrate the occasion, Audible hosted a launch event that featured renowned Canadian poet Margaret Atwood as a speaker. Additionally, Amazon used Instagram influencers to spread the word to Canadian social media users.

The campaign included 14 influencers and 17 sponsored posts, with an average engagement rate of 6.52%. Many of the influencers involved were popular Canadian TV personalities such as Cabbie Richards, Jay Onrait, Jessi Cruickshank, Sangita Patel. Every influencer included the campaign hashtag #yougottahearthis in the caption.

Top Canadian performer Jessi Cruickshank saw an engagement rate of nearly 20%, with over 7,700 likes from her 78,000 followers. As the television host of Canada’s Smartest Person, Jessi is well positioned to reach Audible Canada’s target audience. In her sponsored post, she is seen pushing her newborn twins in a stroller and quietly listening to a novel.

American actress Elisabeth Moss has nearly 350,000 Instagram followers and posted a sponsored post with a 12% engagement rate. Her post references her presence at the Audible Canada launch event with Atwood. At the event, the TV star and the celebrated poet read a passage of The Handmaid’s Tale together.


Amazon Fresh Markets With Top Food Influencers

Amazon promoted its grocery delivery service, Amazon Fresh, by partnering with six food-focused Instagram influencers. The average engagement rate for the Amazon Fresh campaign was 1.5%.

One of the Instagram accounts Amazon partnered with for its Amazon Fresh campaign was Hungry Girls Do It Better, a page run by two Atlanta-based food bloggers. The duo posted a photo of ice cream ordered through Amazon Fresh on National Ice Cream Day.

This post successfully demonstrates that Amazon Fresh delivers cold groceries quickly and aligns itself with a popular food holiday. However, the post saw an engagement rate of only 2%, which pales in comparison to the 20% engagement rate Jessi Cruickshank garnered in the Audible Canada campaign.  

Amazon’s Prime Day Instagram Sponsorships

Prime Day is a one-day event in which Amazon Prime members can buy items at a steep discount. To promote the special occasion, Amazon partnered with three Instagram influencers. The average engagement rate of the campaign was 4.6%.

One influencer involved in the campaign was Dentist Singing, a British dentist who posts entertaining videos of himself singing about oral health. With over 105,000 Instagram followers, Dennis garnered 2,300 likes and a 5.3% engagement rate. The video reminds audiences that electric toothbrushes are on sale during Prime Day.

Some amazing deals on electric toothbrushes today for @AmazonUK #PrimeDay! Go to! #ad #singingdentist

A post shared by Singing Dentist (@dentistsinging) on

Influencers Deliver Engagement With Amazon Prime Now

Prime Now is Amazon’s delivery service that allows Prime members to order groceries, household items, and electronics on demand. In some cities, Prime members can also order delivery from local restaurants through Prime Now. In Amazon’s recent Prime Now Instagram campaign, it partnered with actor Joe Jonas, actress and singer Lea Michele, and professional soccer player Fernando Torres to promote the service. Cumulatively, the trio of celebrity influencers has over 16 million followers. By working with just a few macro-influencers, Amazon is able to reach an enormous audience while minimizing costs of campaign coordination. The average engagement rate for the campaign was 3.67%. Lea Michele, American actress and singer famous for her performance in the TV show Glee, had the highest engagement rate of the campaign. From her 4.8 million followers, she saw an impressive engagement rate of 4%, totaling nearly 100,000 likes. 

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