Exclusive Interview With Alonzo Lerone, YouTube Personality & Meme Creator

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Discover How Alonzo Lerone Turned Comedy & Social Media Into A Full-Time Career

From fail compilation videos to laugh out loud memes, Alonzo Lerone is a comedic sensation on social media. Known for delivering a heavy dose of hilarity to fans each week in the form of YouTube videos and memes, he maintains millions of followers. He has even leveraged his online success to create an original merchandise line.

As a top meme creator and YouTube personality, Lerone has partnered with big brands among the likes of 23andMe and Tums. We caught up with him to discuss his journey as a social media influencer and learn how he stays true to himself and provides entertaining content to his audience.

1. What were you doing before you became a YouTuber? What led you to the platform?

I was working at a local bakery as a bagger for a few years and decided to do my first YouTube video, ranting about people canceling last minute after making plans for months.

2. How has your content style on YouTube and Facebook, respectively changed over time? What factors led to this evolution? 

Oh! It has definitely changed. My first videos on YouTube were more raw and uncut. I’ve noticed I was more personal when it came to my life. Now I sort of cater to my subscribers. They give me ideas on what content to make which leads to me engaging more with my audience.

At times, I do let the viewers know what’s been going on with my “eventful” life #sarcasm in the beginning of some of my videos but I usually Tweet or Snapchat the more personal side of things. The factor that led to this evolution is consistency because I kept this momentum for the last several years.

3. What’s grown faster – your Facebook or YouTube? Why do you think that is?

Although I started both platforms around the same time, I spend most of my days and nights making YouTube content, but to see my Facebook grow faster than my YouTube is so crazy.

I think this is the case because on YouTube, you have to have a YouTube account and sign on to be able to subscribe or even comment. On Facebook, the majority of people are already logged on scrolling down timelines.

4. What’s your thought process when composing a fail compilation video?

The only thought I have is making sure my subscribers are getting what they asked for.

I know not to overwhelm myself with pleasing everybody, but when I get so many submissions on a daily basis, I know that this is what the people want.

5. How did you get into creating meme content on social media?

I love sharing meme content on my social media! It’s been so long, I honestly don’t remember why I first started doing it. I will tell you that I have to genuinely laugh at it, think about it, or just plain out be confused about it. That’s when I know to post it.

alonzo lerone facebook meme

6. What do you find most difficult about creating and/or curating memes your audience will love?

I’d rather not answer because the more I think about how difficult something is, the more stressed I get. I like to have fun and just have a good care-free laughing session.

7. What have you found most surprising about working in social media full time?

The most surprising thing is how many different people watch and engage with my content. People can be a few miles away from me or across the globe and they’ve watched the same thing at the same time. I think that is amazing.

8. To those interested in pursuing a career as a comedian and/or social media influencer, what advice would you give?

Don’t overwhelm yourself and make sure you stay consistent!

9. How do you choose which brands to collaborate with? Any favorite sponsorships that stand out?

Tums has to be the sponsorship that stands out the most right now because it was a full action course and it premiered on Super Bowl Sunday.

I’m grateful that I have brands that believe in my content and want me to succeed. I love that my audience is happy that I do have sponsorships. What people don’t see is how many brands I decline. I’ve had numerous brands come to me but my thought process is “will it benefit my subscribers?”

I don’t like to put my name on something that I truly don’t believe in or know that it’s not the quality I would like to promote. I’m not the biggest out there but I do have integrity.

10. Lighting round:

Favorite YouTuber?


First thing you’d save in a fire?

My dog

Instagram Stories or Snapchat?

EEEK! I love Instagram Stories text filters but Snapchat just extended their time limit and they did come first before Instagram Stories + have you not seen the new Bitmoji feature?! lol.

Any exciting upcoming projects that your fans should know about?

Well…the way my superstition is set up, I’d rather announce this when it’s finalized :))

Anything else to add?

SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube.

This interview has been edited for clarity.

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