Influencer Marketing Case Study: Airlines

Influencer Marketing Case Study Airlines

In 2015, Airline companies Cathay Pacific, Air New Zealand, Air France, and Air Nippon collaborated with leading travel and lifestyle influencers including Tuula Vintage and Song of Style to develop rich content while integrating their brand messaging to new audiences online. The influencer marketing campaigns are not solely focused on travel-specific blogs, rather they seek to incorporate the brand within several categories, resulting in an innovative, engaging approach for increased audience exposure.

This case study is part of our ongoing Influencer Marketing Case Study Series.

Influencer Marketing Case Study:

  • Primary Objective – Build and drive brand awareness by partnering with aspirational lifestyle tastemakers in order to reach affluential audiences
  • Secondary Objective(s) – Leverage top social media influencers’ social, creative direction, and audience base to elicit engagement, ultimately driving up profitable action
  • Partner with top bloggers in multiple lifestyle categories (fashion, travel, food, wedding) including Tuula Vintage, Song of Style, and 100 Layer Cake
  • Authentically develop aspirational campaign messaging
  • Organic, timely, and relevant integration within influencer’s storyline
  • Market to new audiences through adjoining blog categories


Airlines are investing in partnerships with top lifestyle bloggers and social media influencers in order to broaden their brand awareness and increase their engagement among consumers. Travel and hospitality are prominent categories within the lifestyle category. As natural content creators, these social media influencers write, photo, and share aspirational imagery centered around their personal fashion, travel, design, and cuisine. These social media influencers have incredible reach through their audience (oftentimes in the millions) who follow them exclusively for their content and lifestyle choices.   

  • Exceptionally high levels of engaged audience feedback including multiple posts from Tuula Vintage and Song of Style receiving more than 100+ comments each.
  • Combined social reach (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest) – 8,200,000+
  • Total blog audience reach (total page views, monthly uniques) – 5,000,000 page views; 1,000,000 monthly uniques

Influencer Marketing Case Study Airlines Social Media Reach

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Why Airlines Are Marketing With Social Media Influencers

According to PWC‘s case study citing the International Air Transport Association (IATA), airline industry revenues doubled within the past ten years (from $369 billion to $746 billion). Despite its necessity, airline companies have been daunted by the complexities of the industry as well as struggling to differentiate itself from competitors. In order to stay ahead, some airlines are adapting their marketing strategies in order to position themselves ideally within target markets, which can be challenging when navigating between demographics. In a Business Insider article outlining the market success of Alaskan Airlines, author Ira Kalb writes “you have to keep your brand in front of the public, and what too many companies do not understand is that people’s memories fade and younger prospects may not know the reasons why they should fly on your airline if you do not remind them.”

Influencer Marketing Case Study Airlines Tuula Vintage 1

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Travel & Hospitality Brands Marketing With Bloggers and Instagram Influencers

The rapid shift from traditional to digital marketing presents both new challenges and opportunities. In order to reach new consumers online, brands are targeting Millennials and younger generations through new and emerging social media channels and platforms. Marketing with social media influencers or digital influencers (including Instagrammers and YouTubers) is a targeted strategy to get branding and/or direct-response messaging to consumers audiences online. 

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Influencer Marketing Case Study: Airline Examples

Influencer Marketing Case Study Airlines Song Of Style

Influencer Marketing Case Study Airlines Aimee Song

Song of Style for All Nippon Airways

Influencer Marketing Case Study Airlines Tuula Vintage

Influencer Marketing Case Study Airline Industry Tuula Vintage

Tuula Vintage for Cathay Pacific

Influencer Marketing Case Study Airlines Design Love Fest

Influencer Marketing Case Study Airlines Design Love Fest 1

Design Love Fest For Air France