3 Best Instagram Marketing Tips

Best Instagram Marketing Tips With Instagram Influencers

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Best Instagram Marketing Tips For Brands Working With Top Instagrammers

Although Instagram has progressively unveiled more ad options and user targeting tools for brands, many top brands in the automotive, fashion/beauty, food, subscription-based (see this Forbes article “How Birchbox, Blue Apron, and BarkBox Are Creating Connected Experiences With Millennial Consumers“), financial services, travel/hospitality, and more are actively marketing on Instagram with social media influencers (Instagram content creators with hundreds of thousands of followers) in order to execute strategic high reach/return marketing campaigns.

To provide a jumpstart on how best brands market on Instagram, here are 3 best Instagram marketing tips for brands creating sponsored content with top influencers:

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First, find the correct influencers:

For an in-depth step-by-step look at “How To Find Instagram Influencers,” check out our dedicated post here

Selecting the proper Instagram influencer for your marketing campaign is an integral first step to your brand strategy. Arbitrarily selecting someone with a large following and asking them to promote your products may result in more harm than good. Start first by looking for Instagram influencers with a follower audience similar to your brand. Their personal branding, image, and persona ideally needs to reflect or mirror your own.

Once you’ve properly identified potential Instagram influencers for your campaign, assess their engagement levels to see if they are the right fit. More than just sheer numbers, the right Instagram influencers for your brand consistently produce high levels of social engagement across their channel. To see exactly “How To Measure Social Media Engagement For Influencer Marketing Campaigns,” see our downloadable checklist here.

As an established, traditional brand, Hallmark does a great job of marketing on Instagram with relevant influencers to promote, brand, and message their products. For their latest campaign “Signature Style,” Hallmark partnered with several prominent Instagram influencers to share “Signature Style”-inspired looks and draw awareness to their NYFW pop-up shop. Here are a couple of posts made by influencers they have worked with:

It’s a perfect match: Hallmark Signature and one of the original fashionista bloggers, Atlantic-Pacific, with close to 700K Instagram fans who follow Blair for her personal “signature style.”

Just like Hallmark, brands need to recruit influencers with access to the right audience in order to market on Instagram successfully.

Next, work alongside the influencers to craft a winning approach that not only espouses your brand message but also resonates with their audience:

Will the Instagram influencer create a short video series to go along with their Instagram photo? What will the Instagram influencer post as the description? These are the types of questions brands need to ask when working with Instagram influencers.

For a detailed look at how brands can best work with social media influencers (and which mistakes brands should not make when dealing with influencers), see our dedicated outline here.

Lastly, time it right:

Marketing On Instagram Best Times to Post on Instagram

Timing is an important part of social media marketing. In order to maximize the exposure and reach of your Instagram marketing campaign, plan to publish posts on days and times at which engagement will be high. According to CoSchedule, the best days to post on Instagram are Mondays and Thursdays with best times between 2 to 3 pm and 8 to 9 PM. Videos should be posted at 9 PM.

When working with top Instagrammers, it is helpful to know when the influencers see the highest levels of social engagement (for reasons on “Why Social Media Engagement Matters For Sponsored Content, see our post here) and publish accordingly with those dates and times in mind.

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