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5 Top Mens Fashion Blogs I Am Galla Adam Gallagher

3 Top Mens Fashion Blogs For 2015

With the first-ever New York Fashion Week standalone Men’s showcase (July 13-16, 2015), the men’s fashion scene is quickly on the rise and becoming mainstream. In a recent report conducted by research firm IbisWorld, men’s clothing sales are outpacing both cameras and computers for e-commerce. Research published in The New York Times reported men’s wear growth at 14% vs. women’s at 8% (2011). According to the same study, men’s wear represented a significant 40% of the $240 billion dollar global fashion sector.

In spring 2014, Fortune reported nearly a 200% increase in super-premium denim sales (2001-2008) and increased U.S. suit sales growth of nearly 10% (2009-2013). As such, many brands who have previously catered predominantly to women’s fashion are pioneering dedicated men’s offerings (including subscription box service Birchbox, Michael Kors, and Sephora) and partnering with top men’s fashion bloggers for sponsored blog posts.

Here are our picks for top men’s fashion blogs (categorized alphabetically) — similar to our 20 Top Fashion Bloggers list, we’ve compiled our list based on a set of ranking criteria with specific considerations to cross-platform social media audience, reach, sponsored brand integrations, and have excluded community-sourced/multiple authored blogs and lifestyle blogs (blogs with emphasis on travel, food, design, in addition to fashion).

Top Mens Fashion Blogs 2015 Bryan Boy

Bryan Boy – Bryan Yambao

A web developer in a past life, Bryan Yambao ranks among one of the most well-known and longstanding men’s fashion bloggers. Bryan has been featured in several notable media outlets as a major digital influencer (The New York Observer, Teen Vogue, The Coveteur), is represented by both talent agencies IMG and WME, and is also a top Instagram influencer with over half a million followers.

He Spoke Style – Brian Sacawa

As a Grammy award winning professional musician, elite level bicycle racer, and runner-up in a national cocktail competition, New York native Brian Sacawa presents the latest styles and trends in men’s formal fashion. His blog, He Spoke Style, features an innovative Style Guide section where readers can instantly source style inspiration via sorting by categories (accessories, footwear, season, occasion).

I Am Galla – Adam Gallagher

With close to 1.5 million Instagram followers, top men’s fashion blogger Adam Gallagher has transcended the blogosphere into new and emerging social media platforms. Adam has collaborated with many top brands and companies including Michael Kors, Perry Ellis, Hugo Boss, and Bally often shooting in exotic locations around the world.

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