10 Top Snapchat Influencers To Follow [INFOGRAPHIC]

Top Snapchat Influencers To Follow Best Accounts
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The Top 10 Snapchat Influencers To Follow [INFOGRAPHIC]

Recently, Snapchat’s CEO Evan Spiegel revealed that the photo- and video-sharing app now receives 10 million video plays per day, surpassing Facebook’s figures and cementing Snapchat’s place among the world’s most popular social media platforms. As the number of engaged users grows (Snapchat currently has approximately 200 million active monthly users), both fast-rising companies and established brands are seeking ways to capture the attention of Snapchat’s engaged audiences and increase brand awareness by growing their Snapchat channels. Partnering with Snapchat influencers, either through sponsored content campaigns or by allowing Snapchatters to do a “Takeover” of a brand’s channel, is one of the best ways companies can take advantage of an influencer’s reach, target their dedicated followers, and capitalize on Snapchat’s high daily engagement rate.

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Why Snapchat Influencers Are In High Demand

While the disappearing nature of Snapchat’s content initially left some marketers hesitant to invest in the fledgling platform (photos and short videos shared on the app, called “Snaps,” permanently vanish from an account after 24 hours), Snapchat’s rapid growth has since attracted the world’s biggest brands to develop campaigns with Snapchat influencers. In the wake of dwindling television viewership and increasingly ineffective digital advertising, companies are eager to capitalize on Snapchat’s young audiences (Millennials comprise the majority of Snapchat’s 200 million users) and successfully message millions across the app.

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High levels of audience engagement is another compelling reason why brands are developing partnerships with Snapchat influencers. In an Adweek article, one of Snapchat’s first influencers, Shaun McBride (Snapchat handle: @Shonduras) said that Snapchat’s disappearing content increases user engagement because followers pay more attention when they know content won’t be around for long.

How Brands Work With Snapchat Influencers

While brands can (and should) take time developing unique content for their own Snapchat brand channels, collaborating with Snapchat influencers is an effective way to grow a channel and gain access to a social media star’s large following. Companies typically work with Snapchat influencers by:

  • Partnering with a social media influencer to do a Snapchat Takeover
  • Creating brand sponsored content that’s properly integrated into Snapchat influencers’ account (part of their “Story”)
  • Developing multi-platform marketing campaigns across social channels to drive engagement/traffic from one platform to another
  • Distributing Snapchat Snaps and Stories on Vine, Instagram, and Facebook

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For big brands, marketing with Snapchat influencers has huge potential. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF), for instance, used the hashtag #LastSelfie and Snapchat’s vanishing content to brilliantly illustrate how endangered animals are disappearing from the planet. Wet Seal, a fashion retailer, recently targeted young women on Snapchat by partnering with YouTuber Meghan Hughes (MissMeganMakeup) to expose Hughes’ massive audience to limited-time offers. Top brands like McDonald’s, Groupon, Sour Patch Kids, Taco Bell, and the NBA have also developed digital marketing strategies around Snapchat and Snapchat influencers.

List Of The 10 Top Snapchat Influencers To Follow

Snapchat influencers command followers that number in the millions. Many of Snapchat’s top social media stars, like YouTuber Casey Neistat, built their Snapchat accounts by asking existing fans and followers on other social apps like Instagram, Twitter, Vine, and YouTube to “add me on Snapchat.” Also, it’s worth noting that our list of 10 top Snapchat influencers does not include traditional “celebrities”—those who are recognized largely from their notoriety outside of social media (movie stars, models, athletes)—but instead features individuals who are primarily known online through their YouTube, Instagram, and/or Vine channel(s).

10 Top Snapchat Influencers

1. King Bach @kingbach

Though Andrew B. Bachelor is most well-known for being the most popular social media star on Vine—his channel has nearly 16 million followers and over 6 billion video views (called “loops”)—King Bach’s brilliant short-form videos have made him a hit with Snapchat audiences as well. In addition to constantly producing social media content, Bachelor has appeared on a number of television shows and movies, including the “The Babysitter,” “Where’s The Money?” “50 Shades of Black,” and “The Mindy Project.”

A photo posted by KingBach (@kingbach) on

2. Logan Paul @loganpaul

Though Logan Paul’s social media stardom began on Vine (he claims more than 9 million followers and over 4 billion loops on the 6-second video platform), the comedic actor/director has attracted millions to his Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat accounts. In addition to starring in the YouTube Red series “Foursome” and the upcoming thriller “The Thinning,” Paul has collaborated global brands like Doritos, Dunkin’ Donuts, Pepsi, Nike, Old Spice, and many others.

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A photo posted by Logan Paul (@loganpaul) on

3. Frankie Greek @wtfrankie

Frankie Greek is a New York-based “Snapchat journalist” who specializes in hosting Snapchat Takeovers and developing Snapchat marketing strategies for brands/media companies like Fuse, Thrillist, Fox, and others. Equipped with a background in both radio and television, Greek is an engaging storyteller who uses Snapchat’s short-form videos to her advantage.

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4. Amanda Cerny @amandacerny

Los Angeles-based Amanda Cerny first achieved social media celebrity on Vine and YouTube and has since become one of Snapchat’s biggest stars. Today, the fitness model and former Playboy Playmate is pursuing her acting career (she stars in Logan Paul’s new film “Airplane Mode”) and helping to build better playgrounds for the children through her organization, the Play Foundation.

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A photo posted by Amanda Cerny (@amandacerny) on

5. CyreneQ @cyreneq

An artist and graphic designer by trade, CyreneQ’s creative Snapchat doodles have made her one of Snapchat’s most popular digital influencers. In addition to helping brands develop and strategize their Snapchat content, Cyrene was nominated as a finalist for the Snapchatter of the Year Shorty Award in 2015 and has been featured in Entertainment Weekly, Cosmopolitan, New York Magazine, Tech Insider, the Los Angeles Times, and Business Insiders.

A photo posted by Cyrene Quiamco (@cyreneq) on

6. Christine Mi @miologie

Called the “Picasso of Snapchat,” Yale alumni Christine Mi entertains Snapchat followers by enhancing Snaps with creative additions and beautiful self-portrait “paintings.” Mi’s talents have attracted a number of brand sponsorship opportunities, including campaigns with T-Mobile, Disney, Coca-Cola, Bloomingdales, UNICEF, and others.

A photo posted by Christine Mi (@miologie) on

7. Evan Garber @emgarber

A former mechanical engineer, Boston-based Snapchat influencer Evan Garber is best known for the intricate artwork he incorporates into his Snapchat content. In addition to publishing his own unique drawings (some of which take him hours to create), Garber has served as a Snapchat marketing consultant for brands such as AT&T, NBC, Disney, the National Basketball Association, Cinnabon, and others.

A photo posted by Snapchat: EMGARBER (@emgarber) on

8. Christian Collins @weekly-chris

Though only 20 years old, Canadian digital star Christina Collins has attracted large social media audiences YouTube, Vine, and Snapchat by publishing entertaining vlog-style videos, challenges, and music-related content. Related Post: The Most Popular YouTubers At The Teen Choice Awards

9. Geir Ove Pedersen @geeohsnap

Graphic illustrator and Snapchat artist Geir Ove Pedersen has gained almost 100K Snapchat followers by turning ordinary photos of everyday life into extraordinary scenes using art. Pedersen’s popularity has led to partnerships with Walt Disney World, Starbucks, Lionsgate, Air France, and others.

A photo posted by @geeohsnap on

10. Brittany Furlan @brittanyjfurlan

Named by Time Magazine as one of the most influential people on the internet in 2015, Los Angeles-based social media star Brittany Furlan has leveraged her digital fame (most notably from Vine) to amass a large following on Snapchat. Known for her hilarious and often irreverent sense of humor, Furlan has collaborated with Wendys, Dickies, Reebok, Trident, and other global brands.

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