The Top 10 Instagram Micro Influencers That Have Yet To Be Discovered

The Top 10 Instagram Micro Influencers That Have Yet To Be Discovered

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The 10 Instagram Micro Influencers Marketers Should Follow Before They're Famous

As social media continues to grow, so too does its capacity to foster original content creators and influencers. Instagram, in particular, is a common starting point for content creators looking to build a following. As such, Instagram has become a hub for micro influencers —  content creators with less than 100,000 followers.

The growing popularity of the influencer marketing industry has prompted brands to partner with micro influencers, who are often viewed as a way to reach smaller and niche audiences. We’ve compiled a list of the top micro influencers on Instagram in 5 major categories: fashion, travel, food, fitness, and photography.


Steven Onoja

steven onoja fashion micro influencer instagrammer

Steven Onoja is one of the trendiest micro influencers in the men’s fashion space. Born and raised in Nigeria, Steven now lives in New York City. He’s extremely passionate about art and fashion and routinely shares his effortless style with his highly-engaged Instagram followers.

Kate Ogata

kate ogata style fashion micro influencer

San Francisco-based fashion blogger Kate Ogata loves to post her daily outfits on Instagram. She also runs popular fashion blog The Fancy Pants Report and is an active Pinterest user. Her social media success stems directly from her fresh style & cheeky personality.


Tyson Mayr

tyson travel the naked traveller instagram influencer

Tyson Mayr has been a full-time micro influencer and adventurer since 2009. He has been to over 50 countries on 6 continents, all while living on a budget of $30 per day. To see his best travel tips, scenic shots, and epic videos, check out his Instagram page, tysontravel.


alienchrisblog travel social media influencer

Christine is a 22-year-old Swedish travel blogger & Instagrammer who loves to explore new cultures. She’s currently traveling the world with her boyfriend, Alex, a fellow micro influencer known as Swedish Nomad. She documents their journeys and experiences on her Instagram page, alienchrisblog.



thecuttingveg blog food instagrammer micro

Sarah of The Cutting Veg is a popular blogger with a passion for plant-based cooking. A long-time pescatarian, Sarah uses a wide variety of whole foods and fresh produce in her recipes. Her Instagram account, thecuttingveg, is chock full of beautiful and nutritious meals.

Alex Aldeborgh

daisybeet healthy foodie instagram influencer

Micro influencer Alex Aldeborgh, also known as daisybeet on Instagram, works in nutrition and is a Masters candidate at NYU. She believes that healthy eats should be simple and affordable for everyone, so her Instagram feed is filled with colorful, fresh, and clean recipes that anyone can create in minutes.


Robin Arzon

robin arzon fitness instagram trainer influencer

Street athlete and former lawyer Robin Arzon of Instagram fitness channel robinnyc is a micro influencer who celebrates a life filled with exercise. Robin wrote the New York Times bestselling book Shut Up and Run and believes that sweat transforms lives.

Blake Mason

blake mason alexiss social media influencer

Blake Mason is the micro influencer behind yoga and fitness Instagram account blakealexiss. She has a passion for healthy living and will strike a yoga pose anywhere, from gorgeous remote beaches to hectic airports. Her Instagram is full of beautiful scenery and shots that inspire her followers to get moving and stay flexible.


Sam David Smith

sam david smith photographer top micro influencer

Sam is the creator behind popular Instagram account samdavidsmith. He's a New Zealand landscape and wedding photographer who has journeyed to some of the most beautiful places on Earth. Sam is passionate about storytelling and believes that photos are the best medium to express complex ideas.

Dylan Kato

dylankato landscape photographer instagram influencer

Dylan Kato is a photographer and filmmaker who shares stunning photos he captures in nature on his Instagram account, dylankato. Dylan regularly posts landscape photos of the Pacific Northwest featured in soft lights, dark greens, and icy blues.

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June 1, 2017 By Mediakix Team

  • http://www.travelanddestinations.com/ Mike – Travel & Destinations

    Awesome suggestions here. I’ve seen a couple of the guys here before on Insta and their work is very inspiring.

    • http://mediakix.com/ Mediakix

      Thanks, Mike! Glad you enjoyed the post.

  • Gerald Zhang-Schmidt

    More than 80k is a micro-influencer for you? I get less than that views per month on my blog, yet exert a bit of influence in the sports watch market for which people find that blog…

    • http://mediakix.com/ Mediakix

      We define micro influencers as influencers with less than 100k followers. There are certainly tons of influential social media influencers out there in that range!

      • Gerald Zhang-Schmidt

        And above how many? And focused on the USA, I presume?

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