The Best Social Media Apps For Live Streaming [Gifographic]

The Best Social Media Apps For Live Streaming [Gifographic]

Which Is The Best Live Streaming App? Facebook Live, Live.ly, Live.me & More

Live streaming is becoming more and more ubiquitous, and with its rise on a number of social platforms comes the inevitable difficulty of deciding which one to use. Between Facebook Live, Instagram Live, YouTube Live, Live.ly, and Live.me, there’s a bevy of features to sort through.

Though most platforms have similarities and generally accepted feature standards, each one is a little bit different and offers users different capabilities and experiences where broadcast, discovering, and sharing videos are concerned.

The Growth Of Live Streaming Social Media Apps & Platforms

Right now, the streaming industry is booming. The industry as a whole is estimated to reach over $70 billion by 2021, and in Q3 of 2015, ad views on live streaming videos grew by 113% YoY. Facebook live videos are viewed three times longer than videos that aren’t live, and each of the major live streaming platforms see millions of monthly active users. As such, live streaming represents a huge opportunity for marketers.

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The Ultimate Live Streaming Platform Comparison Gifographic

We put together a guide to the biggest live streaming platforms available today. With information on how to access live streaming capabilities, how to find your friends, how to discover other live videos, and what happens to a live video after the stream’s ended, here’s everything you need to know about getting started in the world of live streaming.

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Best Live Streaming App Platform Gifographic Comparison

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February 25, 2017 By Mediakix Team

  • https://www.dailytut.com/ dailytut

    Facebook Live is the best when it comes to reaching more audience to existing user base. Its super easy to use and works out of the box. By the way, nice infographic you have here. (Y).


  • https://www.cygnismedia.com/ Acton Balder from Cygnis Media

    YouTube is the ideal one for live videos streaming. There is no comparison of YouTube with others. Check out the latest facts and figures of YouTube:
    – Number of Users: 1,300,000,000
    – Number of Video Uploads per minute: 300 hours of video uploaded
    – Number of Videos Watched per day: Nearly 5 billion
    – Number of Visitors each day: Almost 30 million

  • Paul

    Live.me is the best because they share the money they make with broadcasters. You can earn money!

  • The PC Doc

    Tell you guys what.. There’s a lot to my post I’m about to write to you. But its worth reading, there is a winning formula here and this is probably the best advice you’ll ever get from a 20+ year veteran of driving traffic among other things.

    First off, thank you OP of this site. You have opened this old mans eyes to stay with the popular streaming sites, but happy to move on and try newer things that work. I mainly use Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram… To Tell you the truth, yes, you get traffic from posting vids and streaming on those three still. Last month I had over 16,000 views and hits for videos alone on my old website without even trying because it was in the process of being sold.

    “But knowing which of your vids to place “where” and “when” is the KEY to it all.”

    Another words, you cant upload a video or stream about Albert Einstein on vine.com or collegehumor.com (Albert is a Theoretical physicist, famous for finding atoms and the speed of light, to name a couple, he’s one of the most important physicists of all.) He sure would be a lonely un-clicked guy in the video gallery’s on those 2 sites). But that boring video on Facebook or Youtube would generate tons of hits just because they are more popular streaming sites for general video categories.

    Video and streaming sites that allow all or general content seem to be the most effective to get views or drive traffic.

    And most likely, most of you just post Vid’s at any given time of the day. That’s a no-no:)

    Remember, the 6-10 Eastern time table (and 2pm-8pm Eastern time on weekends, and again Friday and Saturday night after midnight Eastern time). But, you have to factor “Traffic Times of Day Table” table in to your country if you’re outside the usa and want to get traffic from a website with users in the USA. If you’re wondering what the “Traffic Time of Day Table” is, I’ll explain;

    In the USA, I find after 7pm eastern time is the best time to drive traffic from streaming or posting videos to pulling in viewers or traffic to your website. A little trick I learned from Ebay way back when you could schedule your auctions. It gave me a chance to experiment with the “TRAFFIC TIMES OF DAY TABLE”. To be more exact, between 6pm and 10pm Eastern are ideal times but 7pm being the key time of day to pull in the most possible traffic these days.

    Now, through the years Ive held on to this tactic, because all though it can change at any time; it generally has stayed the same since the past 20 years or so, minus holidays, superbowl, etc.

    Then I discovered in 2001 that, all the big companies were buying large quantities and selling individual items much less than I was getting for wholesale. Obviously these guys were WAY richer than veteran powersellers and could afford to have a warehouse or 3 full of inventory they sold on their profile. Nobody stores 1-3 warehouses worth of inventory out of their house. And drop shipping prices would have been higher if they were drop shipping the inventory.

    So, I decided to move away from ebay because I discovered, I could build my own site and make all profit without paying Ebay $2000 or more a month in fees. Whoah!

    Yes, having your own website is very easy these days and for $30-$150 a year you could buy your own domain and web host package and make even more money. If you’re making money online anywhere, you should definitely have your own website. Don’t let those third parties rip you off. Plus be your own boss. Web hosts are everywhere these days.

    Which brings me back around to the subject at hand…The information in this article/post is great!! And doing a little research shows me that they really did their homework and put a lot of time and effort in to this post. I would second it all, and that’s not too often I do that lol. Great job!

    So the main point is; Which, out of hundreds of streaming websites will give you the most views, popularity, etc. ? Im finding a few of contenders have come and gone, others will follow just because of advertising and marketing ploys. The 5 mentioned here are not going anywhere any time soon.

    Because on another note: “Anything that Google ever touches will turn to gold!”

    So just remember, when Google comes out with something new, give it a try, most likely it’s the next big thing.
    Not because it IS the next biggest thing but because it’s Google and they control the traffic on the internet and CTR(Click Though Rates). To be more exact, over 40,000 search queries every second on average (visualize them here), which translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide.

    Google isn’t going anywhere(not anytime soon as in the next 10 years). Google has come up with so many useful apps, tools, and equipment that are NEEDED. Google Analytics, any android phone, and we can’t forget about Google drive and Google Sheets which has become so popular.

    I’m a web master and I can tell you; Just about every Web Master out there uses Google to crawl, google analytics, Adsense, adwords at the very minimum. Because if you dont use them, Google wont place you where you should be ranked.

    Most companies use google drive and google sheets rather than excel or word. Not because they are free, but because Google has mashed in their face as soon as they search for anything.

    Lets face it, Google has major control of the internet! If they are promoting a new product, be sure that you’ll see it somewhere in your daily searches. And on the 1st page, listed 1st, or worse, an annoying little button at the top right that is in your face every time you open Chrome.

    Take advantage.. Use Google. I am a web master and home business tutor.
    Truthfully, I wouldn’t be half the man I am without Google. They have so many tools that make my repetitive life WAY easier.

    Here are some Google stats they you may not know about either:

    *Google owns about 70% or more of the traffic IN THE WORLD each day. Average is about 3.5 Billion searches each day on Google.

    * Bing is 2nd in the search engine race at 880,000,000

    *O’Yeah, Youtube is also owned by Google and Youtube has more views than

    *Google on desktop computers.

    *Google and Youtube alone attend for at least 75% on the internet world searches.

    *Youtube has 300 million views per MINUTE and over 1 billion hours watched everyday on average!!!

    *6,586,013,574 are the average searches per day worldwide on average…And that’s the entire world..

    Measure that to Googles 3.5 Billion, not even counting Youtube, google apps and tools, and Android mobile, the list goes on and on.

    Im just trying point out some major factors of why people fail at making money online. Where and when to post each individual video is key. But knowing a little about how important Google is to you financially, is also important.

    I really hope that some of you read this long post(I apologize). Because I wrote it to help others in knowing some of the many basics required to make money online.

    I don’t see Microsoft or Apple coming out with half the free and NEEDED tools Google has at our fingertips.

    “Look at the big picture everyone, Google is the reason you’re getting views or hits” If you’re trying to make money online, you know that without Google, you probably would have made a lot less. I know Google attends for an income of $30k or more a year for me.’

    If you’re looking for a great host, google web host and domain reviews, I was with godaddy but recently moved to A2 Hosting. They kill godaddy in speed and 100% reliablility of uptime for 3 months straight! .Godaddy gave me about 79% on a good month. You NEED a website if you are trying to make money online in 2017.

    Ive started from the ground up over 100 successful online businesses since 1997. I started with Ebay and worked my way up. I was able to quit my job and start working at home full time. It took me about 2 1/2 years to be able to quit my day job and run my own businesses. The real money came in when I drove traffic to my sites and dint have to hand out a couple thousand dollars in fees.

    In 2017, dont use Ebay unless the items you sell are all profit. You can’t buy wholesale and resell there anymore. You wouldn’t be able to compete with the big boys That have a few warehouses of stuff to sell.

    The very first time I streamed last year, was on Facebook and I got over 20,000 (20,267 to be exact lol) followers to my fan page that day(and another 1200 or so the next day). I just gave a Free Live Computer Optimization Lesson. The 2nd time I tried to stream, got 6 people interested on Instagram (lol). Then I got a little over 1300 viewers on Youtube for giving a lesson on how to start your own home business. I was amazed at the Facebook outcome, that’s for sure! Still Facebook brings the traffic like no other for my business model.

    Now I have hundreds of videos and I’ve streamed just about everywhere once. But as you can see, Instagram is more of a place to sell physical products. Because giving a free lesson and even trying to redirect people to my website as well, people weren’t really interested in what I had to offer there.

    As you can see from above, streaming depends the on; the most people being online as possible. But in this case, it was where I tried to stream that mattered. I still post on Instagram but not to promote lessons.

    I just revamped my new website and finished last night. I was just thinking about moving to some different streaming or video hosts/sites. So I googled it and BAM this page came up first, NICE SEO!

    Live.me and Live.ly didn’t even occur to me. So thank you for that. I will be signing up for them after I post this.

    Im basically starting all over on my business because fortunately I sold my last site for BIG money( $27k is a BIG chunk of change for me:). I start my SEO Plan today starting here.

    **I am also running a giveaway on my website. For my grand opening on November 1st I will be giving away a $300.00 ring. NO purchase needed. All entries are free for now. SO get in while you can! You can sign up now and get a head start on everyone before November 1st. My site can be found if you google:
    The PC Doctor Ron Chubb.

    ANYWAY, sorry to “type your eyes off” but my site has been live with the new format less than 24 hours. Im looking to push A LOT of traffic my way by posting tutorials on streaming and video sites,

    —To the owner of this site. Thanks for the 2 sites I wasn’t aware of;
    (live.me and live.ly)
    I’m about to sign up so I can get my video blog going. Sorry this is so long. I just wanted to point out how important time, place, and google is whenever you post anything on the net. Im sure it will help your readers. Enjoy your day everyone:)

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