20+ Instagram Case Studies: Top Brands, Campaigns, & Examples

20+ Instagram Case Studies: Top Brands, Campaigns, & Examples

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The 20 Best Instagram Case Studies From The World's Best Brands

With over 500 million active users, Instagram continues to be one of the best places for brands to invest in native ads, create branded content, or develop influencer marketing campaigns with today's top Instagrammers (Tech Crunch). To illustrate how today's biggest global brands are leveraging the reach and engagement of the Facebook-owned photo-sharing app, we've compiled a list of over 20 Instagram case studies, including each campaign's creative strategy, examples of how companies created their brand-sponsored content (with and without digital influencers), and the results for each marketing initiative.

Instagram Case Studies Brands

Instagram Case Studies From Top Brands & Campaigns

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1. How Top Social Influencers Help Airlines Soar

See how airline companies British Airways, Alaska Air, & Qantas partnered with top social influencers for sponsored Instagram content that leveraged the social stars' vast social audiences to increase brand engagement.

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2. Adidas #MyNeoShoot Instagram Case Study

Adidas generated excitement for Adidas Neo, its new division of youth-targeted products, by creating an Instagram campaign completely ran by social media users and influencers called #MyNeoShoot.

3. How Red Bull, Reef, and Alex And Ani Marketed At Bonnaroo

Brands such as Red Bull, Reef, and Alex and Ani capitalized on the social trend surrounding the Bonnaroo Music Festival by collaborating with social media starts to create brand-sponsored content while at the event.

4. Instagram Case Study: Mobile App Bejeweled

The popular mobile game Bejeweled recruited high-reach Instagrammers to participate in their branded hashtag #shinyplace campaign by sharing photos of their enlightening experiences playing the gem-matching puzzle game.

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5. A Marketing Case Study Of YouTube Gaming Channels

With well over half of all brand-sponsored YouTube videos taking place on gaming-related channels, Mediakix analyzed how all brands—not just gaming companies—could utilize the marketability of Youtube gaming content to generate effective marketing strategies.

6. Case Study: How The World's Best Brands Market With YouTubers

Mediakix analyzed over 200 YouTube influencer marketing campaigns to uncovering insights about how the world’s best brands are advertising on the digital video platform.

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7. Instagram Case Study: Old Spice’s Dream Runner Campaign

By providing Instagrammers the opportunity to win prizes from participating in its Dream Runner Campaign, Old Spice utilized Instagram for another witty and engaging marketing initiative.

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8. How Chanel Outpaces Competitors With Instagram Marketing

Iconic fashion brand Chanel helped build its report with top Instagram influencers by inviting them to share branded content from the company's extravagant production facilities in the South of France.

9. Inside Daniel Wellington's Inimitable Instagram Marketing Strategy

Daniel Wellington became a top brand thanks to its unique marketing strategy that centered around giving out free watches to thousands of influencers so they could share the brand’s sensational story and quality products with Instagram users around the world.

Advertising On Snapchat NBA

10. How The NBA And MLB Use Snapchat To Engage Fans

Professional sports leagues such as the NBA and MLB utilized Snapchat’s unique features (such as Live Stories and geo-filters) to leverage the ephemeral photo-sharing app’s connectivity to the millennial generation.

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11. Instagram Case Study: Hawaii's #LetHawaiiHappen Tourism Campaign

The beautiful and Instagrammable nature of Hawaii’s landscape is the focus of the state's successful #LetHawaiiHappen Instagram marketing campaign.

12. How Zara Became One Of The Best Brands On Instagram

Learn how “fast-fashion” clothing retailer Zara proliferated by evolving its Instagram account to become a veritable lookbook for the latest Zara fashion lines and trends.

13. How Michelle Phan Built An $800M Company Using Influencer Marketing

Instagram not only created and maintained Michelle Phan’s influential status, it also fueled the creation of her own production company, Ipsy Open Studios. See how Phan leveraged the power of Instagram influencers to grow her company into a beauty behemoth.

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14. Marketing Case Study: How Big Brands Reached Coachella 2016 Audiences

Discover how Innovative companies like American Express, Revolve, and Live Lokai leveraged the reach of top social influencers at the Coachella Music Festival to expand brand awareness and boost user engagement.

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15. Instagram Case Study: Sonic's Instagrammable Square Shakes

Sonic capitalized on Instagram’s high level of engagement and the popularity of the platform's food-related content by releasing a new line of milkshakes designed specifically for the photo-sharing app.

16. How YouTubers Are Transforming Game Advertising

The emergence of gaming video content on platforms such as YouTube Gaming and Twitch.tv has transformed the marketing strategy of gaming brands. Today, partnering with YouTube gamers offers the best way for companies to reach millions.

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17. Case Study: How Alcohol Brands Collaborate With Social Media Influencers

As social media platforms adapt to develop safeguards for age sensitive content, alcohol brands are reaching audiences through collaborations with social influencers.

18. Best YouTube Sponsorship Examples From Tech Giant Samsung

See how Samsung developed sponsored content with top YouTubers to capitalize on the video sharing platform’s immense marketing potential.

19. Marketing Case Study: Squarespace Partners With Top YouTubers

Learn how Squarespace elevated brand awareness and engagement by enlisting top YouTube influencers to organically offer Squarespace tutorials, demonstrations, and promo offers in their videos.

20. A Closer Look At Audible's YouTube Influencer Marketing Campaign

Amazon’s audiobook company Audible reinvigorated its marketing strategy by collaborating with high-reach YouTube channels to seamlessly integrate branded content into the videos of top influencers.

21. Instagram Case Study: Chloé's Valentine's Day Campaign

To promote its “Love Story” fragrance theme, French fashion retailer Chloé looked to create highly individualized sponsored content by partnering with fashion bloggers to capitalize on the different niche audiences each publisher attracted.

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