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Influencer Marketing Roundup: Teens Now Favor Snapchat, Las Vegas Partners With Top Viners, & More

The week in our influencer marketing roundup, live streaming continues making headway as famous newscaster Al Roker launches the "World's First Live Streaming Network" and YouTube activates three new live streaming channels for the annual Coachella music festival. Also, parents will spend up to 30% more on children's clothes if the item is endorsed by a social media influencer, how Starwood Hotels is encouraging consumers to book by partnering with fashion Instagrammers, and the new favorite social media platform for teenagers.

Generation Z Prefers YouTube & Netflix To Traditional Network Television

A recent study conducted by Defy Media (and reported by ReelSEO) found that 13- to 24-year-olds today favor watching videos on a range of social platforms instead of relying only on network television for video content. According to the study, 85% of this demographic watches video on YouTube, 66% consumes video content on Netflix, and 53% watches videos on Facebook (this compared to the 62% who still watch videos on cable and/or network television). Unsurprisingly, young people also said that they identified more with YouTubers and other social media influencers than with traditional TV personalities or movie stars.

Influencer Marketing Roundup Social Video Statistics - Mediakix Influencer Marketing

Graphic courtesy of Acumen

Al Roker Launches World's First Live Streaming News Network

Al Roker has long been a staple in the news and entertainment industry, but now he's adding "live streaming pioneer" to his long list of career accomplishments. According to Tubefilter, the NBC weatherman and lovable anchor announced the formation of Roker Media, a live streaming network that will partner with social media influencers to develop niche entertainment and news programming that will appear on Facebook Live, Periscope, YouNow, and YouTube. "Live streaming is a distinct, new category that bridges television and social media,” said Ronald C. Pruett Jr., the new CEO of Roker Media. “It offers huge audiences, viewer interaction, and commerce opportunities only found through the magic of live streams.”

30% Of Parents Will Spend More On Children's Clothes If Influencer Endorsed

According to a Rakuten Marketing study covered by eConsultancy, 30% of parents say they will spend more on a piece children's clothing if the item has been endorsed by a social media influencer, and 23% of parents surveyed claim they trust digital influencers more than any other sources. Rakuten also found that Facebook is the most influential platform when it comes to swaying parents' purchasing decisions.

Las Vegas Taps Viners To Help Attract Millennials

A piece by Adweek's Justin Lafferty details how the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) recently tapped top Viners Matt Cutshall and Robby Ayala to generate content that would appeal to millennial audiences. The campaign was an unequivocal success, generating 79 million Tweet impressions, 13.5 million Vine loops, and almost half a million Vine engagements.

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YouTube Offers Three-Channel Live Streaming For Coachella

For this year's annual Coachella festival, YouTube announced that it will live stream select performances from artists like A$AP Rocky, Ellie Goulding, Zedd, Calvin Harris, and more. While this isn't a new endeavor—YouTube offered live streaming services for last year's Coachella festival as well—the world's largest video platform will offer new features, such as the ability to choose from three different channels, an on-demand video hub, and access to the stream on the YouTube Music app (Tubefilter).

Snapchat Now Bests Instagram Among Teen Audiences

A recent Fortune article reports that Snapchat has now surpassed Instagram as the favorite social media platforms for teenagers. The findings are based on a semi-annual “Taking Stock With Teens” study conducted by Piper Jaffray, an investment firm, and show that Snapchat's popularity is up 19% from the last Piper Jaffray survey (conducted in Fall 2015). Instagram's popularity, on the other hand, fell from 33% in the latter half of 2015 to 27% in the Spring of 2016.

Influencer Marketing Roundup Snapchat Statistics - Mediakix Influencer Marketing

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Starwood Hotels Uses Instagram Fashion Influencers To Drive Bookings

To increase engagement and encourage audiences to make reservations through Instagram, Starwood Hotels & Resorts is partnering with top fashion Instagrammers Alex’s Closet, La Revue De Kenza, Elles en Parlent, Marie Luv Pink, and J’aime tout Chez toi and enabling booking to the Le Metropolitan and the Le Dokhan (both located in Paris) through links embedded in brand-sponsored posts. The campaign, which takes the aspirational qualities of the fashionistas and uses them to promote the brand's design-driven, fashion-forward hotels, will feature photos of the Instagrammers staying in the hotels accompanied by a link from the consumer shopping service Liketoknow.it (Skift).

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