How To Find Instagram Influencers

How To Find Instagram Influencers

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How To Find Instagram Influencers For Your Marketing Campaign

In a recent study published by independent technology and market research company, Forrester, brand engagement rates on Instagram are significantly higher than any other social platform including Facebook and Twitter (4.21% vs. <0.1%, respectively). Coupled with its 300 million active users (over 73% are aged 15 to 35 years old), Instagram is proven to be a high ROI marketing channel for many brands and companies.

Though Instagram does present ad options, in a 2014 Advertising Age article, 10 executives reported monthly Instagram ad campaign budgets of 6 to 7 figures pricing out some advertisers seeking to reach Instagram's rich demographics. Many brands including Mercedes-Benz, Capital One, and Revolve have sought to capitalize on Instagram marketing by partnering with top Instagram influencers for cost-effective, high-reach, and engaging sponsored posts for both branding and direct response marketing. In order to execute a successful Instagram influencer campaign, brands must precisely identify the appropriate Instagram influencers.

Here are 3 tips on how to find Instagram influencers for brand marketing campaigns:

1. Leverage Existing Lists From Reputable Sources Via Google Search

Though this may seem as a redundant first step on how to find Instagram influencers, there are a few tips that can make a standard Google search yield impressive results. First, dial in your search terms. Instead of searching "top Instagram accounts," try searching "top Instagram accounts fashion beauty." As can be expected, the first search yields general and broad results:

How To Find Instagram Influencers Top Instagram Accounts
Though the first two results from Rollingstone and Telegraph look promising and are from more reputable sources (read next tip regarding result three, SocialBlade), a deeper look at their lists produces many mainstream Instagram accounts including celebrity athletes and rockstars -- irrelevant for most brands looking to partner with social media influencers.

In an effort to find both relevant and reputable lists/sources, try a more targeted search, for instance, "top Instagram accounts for fashion and beauty." Now, not only are the search results from reputable industry sources (with targeted lists from Elle, Harper's Bazaar, Mediakix, Popsugar) but they are also brand, product, or service specific.

2. Use SocialBlade To Check & Cross-Reference Influencers From Other Social Platforms

SocialBlade is an incredible, free resource that provides continuously updated rankings (top 10, 100, and 500 channels) from multiple platforms including Instagram and YouTube. In the quest to find high-reach Instagram influencers for sponsored content or brand marketing campaigns, it's helpful to know who are the top social media influencers from other platforms including blogs and YouTube.

Compared to blogs and YouTube, Instagram is a newer platform. Oftentimes, established bloggers and YouTubers will also have adjoining high-reach Instagram channels -- a direct results of having already amassed vast amounts of followers and viewership on other platforms.

Examples include Jessica Stein, top fashion blogger of Tuula Vintage (close to 2 million followers on Instagram) and Adam Gallagher (1.4 million Instagram followers) of I Am Galla, a top men's fashion blog.

Last light in Phuket, Thailand on tuulavintage.com 🐚

A post shared by Jessica Stein (@tuulavintage) on

Jessica was recently part of a select group of top fashion bloggers involved in Revolve's Instagram influencer marketing campaign, #REVOLVEintheHamptons. Take an inside look here.

3. Work With An Established Influencer Marketing Agency

Perhaps even more important than knowing how to find Instagram influencers is knowing which Instagrammer will perform and produce bottom-line results for your brand or company. Though high-reach usually correlates with price, it doesn't always correlate with marketing campaign performance metrics. Established influencer marketing agencies who specialize solely in vetting out the best Instagram influencers for each industry can provide case studies and documentation to support a long history of successful campaigns.

Working with the right influencer marketing agency not only elides the often arduous process of knowing how to find Instagram influencers but also ensures best industry practices when it comes to succinct workflows between brands and influencers, adherence to sponsored content FTC guidelines, and optimized campaign management and reporting.

To learn more about how to execute a successful influencer marketing campaign, please check out our white paper "10 Steps To Influencer Marketing" here.

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