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Best YouTube Sponsored Content With Top Brands & YouTubers

Creating effective YouTube sponsored content videos with top YouTubers can be a challenge, especially when working with independent content creators. For brands, finding success on YouTube means thinking less like TV commercial-makers and more like independent viral video-makers and YouTube creators. The best YouTube sponsored content videos feel organic, natural in their presentation, and engages the audience like true content. Videos that feel scripted, over-rehearsed, and overly produced result in uninspired content which in turn draws negative reactions from viewers (for more information about creating the best-sponsored content, see our post on Three Things to Remember When Making Branded Content for YouTube).

The best YouTube sponsored content has been drawing the interest of big time brands. Walgreens, Old Navy, Target, and Maybelline have all worked with top fashion, beauty, and lifestyle channels to create YouTube sponsored content.

The Best YouTube Sponsored Content Examples From Top Brands & YouTubers

Listed below are a few examples of our best YouTube sponsored content integrations.

Aaron Marino of I am Alpha M takes viewers on a tour of the Combatant Gentleman headquarters.

Dulce Candy creates a spring lookbook with outfits by Old Navy. The video feels organic, yet the entire episode is completely branded with Old Navy clothing.

Evelina Barry does a fun nail tutorial featuring Sally Hansen nail polishes. While the video is branded, it feels naturally integrated because Evelina also features a look of the day to match her newly painted nails.

September 3, 2014 By Evan

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