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Influencer Spotlight: Snapchat Star DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled Snapchat Marketing Influencer Spotlight

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DJ Khaled Reigns Supreme As King Of Snapchat

With 200 million active users, Snapchat is fast-becoming the social media platform of choice for a young generation that embraces the fleeting nature of the content and the authenticity of the platform's top Snapchat influencers. Though several young digital stars have used Snapchat's Stories - the name for each day's collection of short videos or photos that disappear from the channel after 24 hours - to acquire large, engaged audiences, perhaps no one has figured out how to attract Snapchat users better than DJ Khaled (Snapchat handle: @djkhaled305). From Khaled's memorable, oft-repeated bits of wisdom to the consistency with which he posts, we examine the reasons why this unlikely Snapchat celebrity is now one of the world's most magnetic social media influencers.Read More>>

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Influencer Spotlight Interview With White On Rice Couple

White On Rice Couple Interview Feature Spotlight Influencer

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Feature Interview With White On Rice Couple

Based out of Orange County, California, Todd Porter and Diane Cu of White On Rice Couple blog are one the world's most sought after commercial and editorial food photographers, stylists, art directors, and filmmakers. Stemming from their love of cooking and zeal for local culture, gardening, and travel, White On Rice Couple started their blog to share their hobbies and begin writing more extensively about food.

Since the launch of their blog White On Rice, Todd and Diane have fulfilled their dream of authoring a cookbook (Bountiful - selected as Amazon's Editor's Picks For Best Cookbook 2013, with additional rave reviews from Food & Wine and bon appétit), and have been featured in both the Los Angeles Times and Washington Post.

To find out everything from how they got started to their latest travel adventures, read our latest feature interview with top food photographers and stylists Todd and Diane from White On Rice Couple blog:

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PewDiePie’s New YouTube Multi-Channel Network, Revelmode

Multi Channel Network RevelMode From Top YouTuber PewDiePie

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Top YouTuber PewDiePie Debuts His Own Multi-Channel Network, Revelmode

If it wasn't enough to be searched on YouTube nearly as much as Beyoncé or be the second most popular search after music, top YouTube influencer PewDiePie will now have his own multi-channel network (commonly abbreviated as "MCN" or YouTube MCN) by way of Disney-owned Makers Studios. In 2014, Disney purchased Makers Studios (also a multi-channel network) for a sum total of nearly $1 billion dollars ($500 million in cash and stocks with an additional $450 million performance bonus).

Essentially a multi-channel network within another MCN, Revelmode will be headed by top YouTuber and gamer, PewDiePie, as the newest YouTube network's creative director. At 26, PewDiePie (who's real name is Felix Kjellberg) is best known for his unique commentary style on "Let's Plays" (a popular type of YouTube gaming format) and humorous "vlogs" (video-blogs). Forbes recently profiled PewDiePie as the richest YouTuber millionaire of 2015. To date, PewDiePie's YouTube channel has close to 42 million subscribers, nearly 11 billion total video views, and his most popular YouTube video "A Funny Montage" has over 71 million video views.

Here's what you can expect from YouTube star PewDiePie's new multi-channel network, Revelmode:Read More>>

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DeStorm Power: Viner, YouTuber, Now Facebook Video Creator?

DeStorm Power Viner YouTuber Facebook Creator

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Meet Digital Star DeStorm Power, Accomplished Viner & YouTuber, Now Set To Conquer Facebook Video

Already an established music industry professional, DeStorm Power quit his job for a career as a social media influencer. He first gained social media recognition on YouTube, where his comedy skits, beat-boxing, and rapping videos gained a steady following. Launching his channel in 2006, Power quickly became one of YouTube's brightest stars where his originality stood out from the rest of the pack in the website's early days. To date, DeStorm Power has 1.8 million subscribers and a total of 242 million views on his primary YouTube channel and remains one of the most popular YouTubers.

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What Can Agencies Learn From Essena ONeill, Instagram Star, Quitting Social Media?

Essena ONeill Social Media Meltdown What Agencies Can Learn

via Essena Oneill's Vimeo

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What Can Brands, Agencies Glean From Essena ONeill's Social Media Meltdown?

While some may argue that much of Essena ONeill's social media meltdown can be attributed to naiveté, is there indeed an overarching lesson to be learned for agencies seeking to commercialize the massive followings of social media stars? As new content continues to surface surrounding Essena ONeill's backstory and the dust/backlash (see video below) continues to settle on her social outburst, we look at the industry factors affecting both sides (both digital content creators and the agencies involved), and what the major takeaways are for brand-creator collaborations.

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YouTube Influencer Spotlight: Sharzad Kiadeh

Sharzad Kiadeh Interview YouTube Influencer Spotlight

Spotlight Interview With YouTuber, Sharzad Kiadeh

In the world of YouTube, beauty reigns supreme as one of the platform's top categories. Sharzad Kiadeh is a Los Angeles-based YouTuber who produces content on YouTube and on a personal blog. She hosts the YouTube channel The Mom's View which centers around women's issues and parenting. Her personal blog, LuxLyfe, covers everything from beauty, food, travel, and other such lifestyle categories. Recently, Kiadeh has embarked on a new initiative as a co-host on SASS, a brand new beauty series on Mixed Makeup, a YouTube beauty channel. Here she takes on offbeat beauty trends and treatments in the Los Angeles area.

In the following interview, Sharzad shares how she started on YouTube, a wealth of insight on being a YouTuber, and how she transformed her passion for beauty to reach hundreds of thousands of followers.

Read Sharzad Kiadeh's interview to learn her outlook on the YouTube influencer marketing industry, tips and advice for bloggers, and brands looking to partner with influencers for sponsored content campaigns.

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Instagrammer Spotlight: Josh Ostrovsky, The Fat Jewish

Josh Ostrovsky's sponsored YouTube video campaign with Three Jerks Jerky

Why Josh Ostrovsky "The Fat Jew" Entertains Millennials, Major Brands

Known for his corpulent figure and hairstyle, Josh Ostrovsky is anything but subtle. Ostrovsky, who refers to himself as "a Jew unicorn," launched to fame with his outrageous brand of humor via his Instagram channel, @TheFatJewish. Josh Ostrovsky’s often coarse material has attracted 5.7M followers, and while he has more than his share of detractors, his fan base is both staggering and climbing.

Born and raised in New York City, Ostrovsky attended several universities before ultimately becoming an alumnus of SUNY Albany. After graduation, he used his alter-ego “The Fat Jew” to host parties and various gigs before joining Instagram in 2012. In addition to his own channel, Josh Ostrovsky is also the creator of Instagram accounts @ToastMeetsWorld and @MuppetsRevenge (his pets) both of which have a combined follower count of 337K. 

With his vast reach and highly engaging content, Ostrovsky joins the ranks of other prominent social media influencers who have partnered with major companies for brand-sponsored content and sponsorship opportunities (see our post here on how to create sponsored content with Instagram influencers). Josh Ostrovsky's brand sponsorships include Burger King (detailed below) and Three Jerks Jerky (as seen in video above). 

See our post here on how brands work with social media influencers.

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Influencer Spotlight: Sweet Tooth Sweet Life

Sweet Tooth Sweet Life InterviewLifestyle Blogger Courtney Horan of Sweet Tooth Sweet Life

Courtney Horan began blogging as a way to keep track of her daily fitness routines and meals. Her blog centers around living a healthy and active lifestyle, all while maintaining a positive outlook (with room for dessert). Courtney’s path was not always easy -- after college, she struggled with relationship issues and allowed bad habits to take over her life. However, she was able to find her drive and ultimately achieve a healthy, balanced life.

In her interview feature, Courtney shares her life's experience in the ever-changing blogging world, and how it has evolved into a veritable business platform connecting audiences with brands. Sweet Tooth Sweet Life "a love of food, fitness, and fashion" shares the latest on her pregnancy journey, recipes, workouts, meal planning, and more.

Read Sweet Tooth Sweet Life's interview to learn her views on the industry, candid advice for bloggers and brands alike, and her viral post, "The Twinkie Diet."

How did you get started blogging?

I had been reading blogs for about a year and always thought, man, that seems really fun! Then while I was away one weekend with my husband, I told him that I wanted to start one of my own and he said, “Ok, then go for it!” So I started right then and there by taking a super dark and grainy picture of our truffle fries.

What was your first blog post?

I actually had to go back and re-read it because I had no idea! My very first post was basically two sentences saying “Hello!” to the world. But my first “real” post was a bit of a recap of that weekend that we were away in Burlington, VT. Sadly, I ended up deleting most of the pictures from my first few posts back in the day, because I had run out of storage space and had no idea what else to do. Rookie mistake…

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Blogger Spotlight: The Fitnessista by Gina Harney

The Fitnessista Interview Gina Harney

Gina Harney "The Fitnessista" Shares Her Thoughts On Blogging, Viral Posts, & Social Media

In an effort to share healthy meal examples and fitness ideas with her personal training clients, Gina Harney started blogging in 2008. After three years, her blog "The Fitnessista" reached one million monthly page views. Since then, The Fitnessista has become a highly sought-after resource of fitness workouts (including sections like 'barre,' 'playlists,' 'cardio and HIIT') and a dedicated recipes section complete with vegan, gluten-free, and dessert categories.

Check out her interview feature as The Fitnessista shares her thoughts on getting started, her "breakout" moment, top-viewed post, and her seasoned advice to brands seeking to partner with influential bloggers:

How did you get started blogging?

I started blogging back in 2008 when my husband and I had just moved to Valdosta, GA. I still hadn’t met a lot of people and was working as a personal trainer. Many of my clients would ask me for eating examples for healthy meals, so I started the blog as a way to share ideas with them and also connect with others who shared a common love of fitness and healthy eating.

What was your first blog post?

It was a short introduction with an idea of what the blog was going to be about. I actually ended up deleting it because it was so weird/awkward.

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Blogger Spotlight: Oh Dear Drea By Andrea Duclos

Influencer Spotlight Oh Dear Drea Andrea Duclos Blogger

As a veteran blogger of 15 years, Andrea Duclos started Oh Dear Drea to share her journey as a single mother. Since then, her blog has gained massive popularity for both its candid voice, enticing writing style, and beautiful, vibrant photography. Oh Dear Drea features the latest happenings and finds for natural living, vegan food, travel adventures, and home design. For sponsored blog posts, brands like Sugru, Blue Apron, NatureBox, and BarkBox regularly partner with Oh Dear Drea to co-promote their brand with excellent awareness, reach, and engagement.

Check out her influencer spotlight for a snapshot look into Andrea's blogging world, her advice to new bloggers, and her philosophy for balancing social media and life.

How did you get started blogging?

I started blogging about 15 years ago. Crazy, right? I just wanted a place to write my angst teenage thoughts and have some sort of creative outlet. At some point I stopped for no particular reason. About a year later when I became pregnant I thought I should start again, completely fresh, leaving my teenage angst behind. I deleted my old space and created a new one to document my life as a single mother. I’m not a single mother now, but I think it was good to build a real connection with people first. Even in the best of times now, people know and trust that the life they see is really the life I’m living— and I genuinely think that’s important for the reader.

Influencer Spotlight Oh Dear Drea by Andrea Duclos Blogger

What was your first blog post?

I couldn’t tell you exactly, but if I had to guess it was probably something about being bored in computer class. In my new blog, it was just a picture of me, saying ”Hi, I’m starting this space again!”

What was your breakout moment?

I’m not sure if I had a ‘breakout’ moment. My blog slowly but surely gained momentum and readers. I think people just really liked the honesty and bluntness about it. My blog felt different than a lot of the other happy family blogs out there -- I had a different story to tell and it wasn’t always happy and perfect, it was just life unfolding.

Have you ever written anything that’s gone viral?

I’m not quite sure how viral something has to be to be ‘viral’ but my most popular post to date has been “how to have a good life without spending a lot of money” —- it did incredibly well and was shared often. Which is mostly amusing to me because I said I would never write about money, but one day I sat down and wrote down all the little things we do that make us happy and it all came together, sort of perfectly.

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