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Top 5 Breakout Vine Stars


Top Breakout Vine Stars

Vine doesn't have the user reach of Instagram and YouTube, but as of 2014, it reached a milestone of 40 million users and is creating buzz within the advertising and entertainment industry(dexmedia). Over 1 billion Vine loops are played daily and 12 million videos are uploaded to Twitter daily. Vine stars are creating content snips 6 seconds at a time and in the course, attracting the attention of audiences and advertisers alike. Brands have started playing in the Vine game (see our post on how brands are using Vine) with their own channels, but the leaders are still the Vine stars.

Top Vine stars and influencers share their comedy, music, acting, and more. These Vine stars are creative and innovative in ways of using this unique 5 second format. They've created a plethora of content and still continue to innovate with the format in ways that no studio or brand could have imagined or anticipated. Here are 5 of the top breakout Vine stars.

Us The Duo

Michael and Carissa Alvarado are the incredibly talented husband and wife behind Us the Duo, a folk-pop band that rose to prominence through Vine. When they first met, they were just two emerging solo artists. They gained traction on YouTube, but Vine is where they found their place in the spotlight and became some of the top Vine stars. Their #Us6SecondCovers of everyone from Destiny's Child to Taylor Swift caught the attention of Buzzfeed and other publications. In March of 2014 they signed with Republic Records, becoming the first Vine stars to sign with a record label. They've since gone on to release a full length album and headline a tour with sold out dates. Us the Duo has over 4.5 million followers on Vine and over 600 million loops played. Read More>>

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How Vessel is Poaching YouTube’s Stars

vessel video

What is Vessel Video?

Vessel, a video platform subscription-based site started by Jason Kilar formerly of Hulu, is looking to position itself as YouTube's first real competitor by signing over a dozen premium YouTube stars as launch partners. Vessel's strategy also includes other premium content such as Project Runway and traditional publishers including "Time Inc. and A&E for such brands as Sports Illustrated and the History Channel. It's also gotten Warner Music and other labels on board, representing a total of 3,000 musicians" (cnbc.com). Vessel videos officially launched its beta to an invite-only preview on January 21 of this year. For $2.99 a month, Vessel subscribers get exclusive access to new videos from dozens of content providers including some of YouTube's stars like the Fine Bros, Miss Glamorazzi, Shane Dawson, Good Mythical Morning and more (also see our post on Vessel vs. YouTube).

Vessel's hope is that the loyal and devoted fans of current YouTube stars will follow them to the new video platform, paying for exclusive early access to their content. It's a big bet (worth $75M in their Series A venture capital funding) that audiences, who are used to not paying to view their favorite content, will now subscribe to Vessel videos at  $2.99/month. Vessel's contract would require YouTube influencers to publish first to Vessel's video platform for three days of exclusivity before publishing to their YouTube channel.

Vessel's founder, Jason Kilar, believes video and channel enthusiasts will pay for early access to premium content. “That’s the kind of person we’re going after, someone who cares deeply about a creator or a brand,” the Vessel founder said. "We believe that they’re passionate about just good content, and it’s our job to deliver it to them early.” (Tubefilter)

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Instagram Promotion Brand Spotlight: Converse

converse instagram promotion made by you

Instagram Promotion Spotlight: Converse

This spring, Converse launched their largest, most expansive and prescient campaign to date, titled, "Made By You." This campaign was created to feature both celebrity and consumer worn converse. The final result is a curated collection of Chuck Taylor All Star portraits from a myriad collection of wearers. In addition to this campaign and exhibit, Converse took to Instagram to utilize Instagram promotion. By pinpointing influencers who double as loyal Converse customers, Converse was able to beget organic, rich content, that also reached a massive audience in the millions beyond their own social breadth (also see our post on influencer marketing).

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Influencer Spotlight: House Tweaking – Dana Miller

house tweaking - blog interview


Dana Miller is the voice behind House Tweaking, one of the top home, design, and lifestyle blogs that documents her home renovation. Along with being a creative destination for functional design DIY projects and recipe preparations, Dana is especially adept at integrating brands into her content in a very authentic way, always bringing value for her readers on more than a consumer level. In recent branded posts, she offered food photography tips while working with Blue Apron here, ran a high value furniture giveaway while educating readers on how to order custom Interior Define furniture here, and gave a look into her kitchen's pantry design while giving away NatureBox snacks here. We talked with Dana to learn more about why she started House Tweaking, where she sees the future of blogging, and how brands can succeed at influencer marketing with bloggers.

How did you get started blogging?

I started blogging as a hobby back in 2009 when I was working as a pharmacist. My husband, Steve, and I have always enjoyed making improvements to and decorating the houses we’ve lived in. The blog was originally an outlet for all of my home-related ideas and a way to share our projects with other like-minded homeowners. Once I hit “publish,” I was hooked. Steve bought me the URL I still use today as a birthday gift when I was first starting out.

What was your first blog post?

My first blog post was titled “Tweaking.” It was just a few short paragraphs (no images were included) sharing the purpose(s) of the blog. That’s back when I was still using a double space after each period and referring to Steve as “Handy Hubby.” It’s embarrassing to read now!

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WTF is Vine and How are Brands Using it

What is Vine?

In the past few years countless new social media outlets have exploded in usage or come onto the scene such as, Instagram, SnapChat, Keek, YouTube, and Vine (see our post on YouTube channels you should be working with). With Instagram and SnapChat in the media forefront, many are left wondering, what is Vine? Vine allows you to see and share life in motion. You can create short, beautiful, looping videos (maximum of 6 seconds in length) in a simple and fun way for friends, family, and even large brand audiences to see. Vine has over 400 million users and over 1 billion Vine loops are played daily (Vine statistics). Today, brands are utilizing Vine to engage their audiences through short, imaginative and at time ingenious clips and videos. Below are 5 brands employing Vine as a marketing strategy (also see our spotlight on how Dermablend utilized YouTube for it's marketing strategy).



Disney uses Vine to engage its audience through nostalgic Disney clips, classic shots like its castle and fireworks, and by asking its audience to communicate back through contests such as the Halloween contest above. Disney has over 112.9k followers on Vine and almost 8 million loops played.  

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Top 5 Breakout Entertainment YouTubers of 2014

Top Breakout Entertainment YouTubers of 2014

With a saturated entrainment market, it makes sense that performers would turn to YouTube to achieve their own audiences and stardom. From break dancers to comedians to musicians, entertainment YouTubers have a considerable opportunity to find their own fame within the confines of YouTube's 1 billion user strong platform. With the freedom to post what they want, unlike restrictions performers find in other avenues, entertainment YouTubers have the luxury to control their art form. Below are some of the top breakout entertainment YouTubers of 2014.


Marquese Scott, aka YouTube’s Whzgud2, is an American pop and lock dancer who has been featured on The Ellen DeGeneres show as well as advertisements and music videos. His 2011 video to Pumped Up Kicks is what pushed him to stardom. This year he's done collaborations with UNIQLO, amongst other brands. In his most recent video (above) he collaborates with Kikky for a dance video. His channel has over 1.5 million subscribers and over 276 million views.

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How Do Bloggers Make Money?

how to bloggers make money sponsored post atlantic pacific bergdorf goodman new balance

How Do Bloggers Make Money?

Since 2004, bloggers have been sharing their favorite topics across the internet with like minded people. Bloggers were the original digital influencer. Though they remain the quintessential online influencer, in some respects top bloggers are quickly being superseded by popular YouTubers, Instagrammers, Viners, and Snapchatters. Some of the best bloggers have transcended the shakeup in the influencer space, while others have evolved and migrated to new social publishing platforms. Incredibly, some of the top fashion bloggers, are among the most followed top Instagram accounts.

Originally, blogging was a hobby and avocation. The most widely recognized bloggers devote themselves full-time to their efforts; however they began their blogging journey part-time until they secured enough sustainable income from their blog to make it their primary endeavor. Now, top bloggers and influencers (like Danielle Bernstein of fashion blog, We Wore What and Emily Schuman of Cupcakes & Cashmere) can command six figure partnership and sponsorship deals.

Read more here to see how bloggers make money:

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Top 5 YouTube Channels You Should Be Working With

Best YouTubers to Create Branded Content

With the extraordinary ascent of YouTube users, hundreds of millions of hours of video are consumed by users daily, advertisers and brands are catalyzing branded content with the most popular YouTube influencers in the space. The number of viewers watching YouTube is increasing 40% year after year, and watch time of YouTube content is increasing 50% year after year (YouTube stats). Below are YouTubers that have worked with large brands like Coca Cola, HP, and Audible to generate branded content that engages their audiences well beyond your average commercial.

Connor Franta

Connor Franta is a YouTube vlogger who talks to his camera and posts the final product every Monday. With over 4.2 million subscribers and almost 200 million video views, his audience is engaged and enthralled by his latest videos. Connor recently worked with Nature Box (above) to create a healthy branded content video for his subscribers. His ability to flawlessly integrate a brand into a video without giving off commercial vibes is a talent surmounted by few (see our post on three ways to create great sponsored content).

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The Top 5 Breakout Tech YouTube Channels & YouTubers of 2014, Part 1

Top Tech YouTube Channels YouTubers

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Top 5 Breakout Tech YouTube Channels & YouTubers of 2014

With over 300 hours of video uploaded every minute (according to YouTube statistics), every category from Tech to Cooking to Beauty is saturated with countless videos on a myriad of topics. In short, it's getting harder and harder to stand out as a remarkable channel and build an audience. YouTubers have their work cut out for them and use an assortment of techniques to distinguish themselves from the crowd. There are still rising stars among the stalwarts who are equally equipped with consistency, production quality, personality, charisma and an ability to connect with the audience. The best channels also tend to create the best branded and sponsored content. These online influencers know how to build a brand into their voice. As a result, they are able to protect the coherence and integrity of their channel and prevent audience alienation as a byproduct of disingenuous material. (Check out our posts on How to Make Branded Content and Picking the Right Influencers.)

But most consistently, the best channels and YouTubers engage their audiences. They capture and create trends, shoot creative and novel content. They educate their audiences, share their world with their loyal fans and most importantly connect with their fans. Here's our list of top 5 breakout Tech YouTubers of 2014.

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Top 5 YouTube Branded Advertising Videos of 2014, Part 1

Top 5 Sponsored YouTube Videos of 2014

With over 1 billion users and hundreds of millions of hours of video being watched daily, YouTube is a marketing powerhouse that with advertisers, agencies, and brands racing to capture audience, engage innovative ways, and collaborate with YouTubers, channels and creators. According to YouTube statistics, more than a million advertisers are using Google ad platforms to reach their audience. However brands that collaborate extensively with influencers, YouTubers and creators to conceive and design branded content and campaigns are the primary players in the industry (see our post on three ways to create branded content).  Below are some of the top branded content YouTube videos of 2014.

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