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Apple To Roll Out Marketing Campaign With Popular YouTubers

On a recent Toyota-sponsored road trip, Louis Cole and several popular YouTubers met with Apple at their Cupertino HQ (3:00) to confirm forthcoming collaboration(s). 

Apple Planning To Market With Popular YouTubers For Rumored New iPhone 6s Plus Ad Campaign

As increasingly more ad dollars and marketing campaign budgets are allotted for digital marketing (up to 80% of companies according to Ad Age), major household brands and companies are partnering with top social media influencers to galvanize huge teen, Gen X, and millennial consumer bases and elicit audience engagement. After a video published on August 6, 2015 by popular travel and adventure YouTuber, Louis Cole "FunForLouis," it appears that tech giant Apple itself will engage in influencer marketing with popular YouTubers for possible promotion of its forthcoming iPhone 6s Plus release.

Similar to Apple's Tumblr ad campaign for the iPhone 5c, marketing with popular YouTubers ensures that Apple will deftly reach targeted and ideal demographics, audiences, and followers for forthcoming products and launches. Apple's collaboration with top YouTubers signifies how name brand global brands recognize the efficacy of reaching consumers online through YouTube influencer marketing.

As excerpted from Cole's video (3:21),

"Well guys, that was an exciting, but very long meeting. We ended up going for some food and drinks and stuff at a bar, but turns out I'm going to be doing some stuff with Apple. They don't work with many people, but we're going to be doing some stuff together and...which is exciting. I can't tell you more than that."

Popular YouTubers Involved In Apple's Impending Marketing Campaign

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Top YouTube Celebrities Featured On The Late Late Show

The Late Late Show Commemorates And Pays Homage To YouTube's 10th Anniversary With Top YouTube Celebrities

As traditional TV viewership continues to decline and billions of TV ad dollars shift towards digital media, many TV and cable networks are seeking to turn the tide by bolstering their digital audiences and viewership on YouTube. As such, CBS's "The Late Late Show" hosted by James Corden took to the online video platform by publishing snippets of its weeknight episodes -- several clips have gone "viral" including the Carpool Karaoke comedy shorts serving to not only carve out a dedicated TV viewership base for a brand new show but also to quickly build Corden's notoriety with online audiences. Since its debut earlier this March, The Late Late Show YouTube channel has amassed close to one million subscribers and over 200 million total video views in a matter of 6 months, 70 episodes.

For their 70th episode on August 21, The Late Late Show chose to pay homage to YouTube's 10th anniversary by filming a special edition show #LLSYouTube at YouTube Space LA, a $25 million dollar professional production facility studio for top YouTubers (with over 10K subscribers). YouTube Space LA recently hosted Arnold Schwarzenegger for the filming of "Terminator Genisys: The YouTube Chronicles," a collaborative movie promotion with top YouTube celebrities. #LLSYouTube featured YouTubers Tyler Oakley, Jenna Marbles, Kandee Johnson, The Slow Mo Guys, and the creators of "Epic Rap Battles."

In today's digital environment, TV networks are recognizing the importance of creating content that goes beyond ratings. Executive editor Mathew Belloni of Hollywood Reporter notes, "[TV networks] want ratings, and they want people to watch there, but they want people to talk about the shows, and they want to be in the national conversation, and the way to do that these days is to own the internet" (CBSnews). Like many other brands or companies creating branded or sponsored content alongside top YouTube celebrities, The Late Late Show skillfully integrated each YouTuber's niche expertise, theme, and persona into the show while continuing to retain The Late Late Show's own branding and feel.

Check out highlights from The Late Late Show's 70th episode with top YouTube celebrities:

YouTube 10th Anniversary Monologue

The Slow Mo Guys Blow Up A Watermelon

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Top Mens Fashion Blogs

5 Top Mens Fashion Blogs I Am Galla Adam Gallagher

3 Top Mens Fashion Blogs For 2015

With the first-ever New York Fashion Week standalone Men's showcase (July 13-16, 2015), the men's fashion scene is quickly on the rise and becoming mainstream. In a recent report conducted by research firm IbisWorld, men's clothing sales are outpacing both cameras and computers for e-commerce. Research published in The New York Times reported men's wear growth at 14% vs. women's at 8% (2011). According to the same study, men's wear represented a significant 40% of the $240 billion dollar global fashion sector.

In spring 2014, Fortune reported nearly a 200% increase in super-premium denim sales (2001-2008) and increased U.S. suit sales growth of nearly 10% (2009-2013). As such, many brands who have previously catered predominantly to women's fashion are pioneering dedicated men's offerings (including subscription box service Birchbox, Michael Kors, and Sephora) and partnering with top men's fashion bloggers for sponsored blog posts.

Here are our picks for top men's fashion blogs (categorized alphabetically) -- similar to our 20 Top Fashion Bloggers list, we've compiled our list based on a set of ranking criteria with specific considerations to cross-platform social media audience, reach, sponsored brand integrations, and have excluded community-sourced/multiple authored blogs and lifestyle blogs (blogs with emphasis on travel, food, design, in addition to fashion).

Top Mens Fashion Blogs 2015 Bryan Boy

Bryan Boy - Bryan Yambao

A web developer in a past life, Bryan Yambao ranks among one of the most well-known and longstanding men's fashion bloggers. Bryan has been featured in several notable media outlets as a major digital influencer (The New York Observer, Teen Vogue, The Coveteur), is represented by both talent agencies IMG and WME, and is also a top Instagram influencer with over half a million followers.

He Spoke Style - Brian Sacawa

As a Grammy award winning professional musician, elite level bicycle racer, and runner-up in a national cocktail competition, New York native Brian Sacawa presents the latest styles and trends in men's formal fashion. His blog, He Spoke Style, features an innovative Style Guide section where readers can instantly source style inspiration via sorting by categories (accessories, footwear, season, occasion).

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How 3 Instagram Influencers Took Over Capital One

How Brands Work With Instagram Influencers Capital One

Capital One Gave 3 Instagram Influencers Free Reign Of Their Instagram Account. Here's What Happened:

“What’s in your wallet?” the familiar slogan is the foundation for Capital One’s Instagram campaign. In an effort to reach Millennials through social media, three Instagram influencers (Kimberly Genevieve, Paul Octavious, and Zachary Rose) were given access to the credit card company’s Instagram account and gave viewers a glimpse into their wallets. Noha Abdalla, Capital One’s senior director of digital brand strategy and social media, told AdWeek that “Instagram is more compelling [to Millennials] than Pinterest or Tumblr- just given the audience sizes and growth.”  

Capital One is not the first card company to elicit far-reaching results and ROI with influencer marketing. At the tail end of 2014, American Express executed a similar campaign to the tune of 10 million Instagram impressions and 40K total engagements. Supporting the efficacy of brand-sponsored influencer marketing, American Express's influencer-generated content produced 23% more engagement than the rest of the brand's typical content.

This recent strategy is an effort to attract Millennials, who have outranked baby boomers to become the largest and most diverse demographic in the US this year. For Millennials, Instagram is the second most preferred social platform, outranked only by Facebook, because it is visual and allows users to consume a large variety of content quickly.

The Instagram Influencers Involved 

Los Angeles based photographer Kimberly Genevieve captures a shot of an interior designer’s wallet which, not surprisingly, contains a paint swatch. Genevieve is known for her bright and clean style.

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What Brands Need To Know About FTC Guidelines

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The Importance of FTC Disclosure In Sponsored Social Media Content

At the start of 2015, high-end fashion retailer Lord & Taylor leveraged the audience reach of 50 top fashion Instagram influencers, but also failed to properly disclose the fact that the entire campaign was sponsored. With the growth of influencer marketing and the non-standardization of how to disclose sponsorship and confusion over the FTC guidelines can create incongruities between influencers and the influencer marketing companies that function as intermediaries between brands and influencers. Influencers are often given vague guidance over disclosure or none at all.

As evinced by this specific occurrence, brands need to understand the basics of sponsored disclosure when it comes to social media posts and content. Marketing with celebrities and other social media influencers yields high ROI results, however brands looking do need to adhere to specific sponsored content disclosure guidelines in order to ensure brand compliance.

FTC Guidelines For Sponsored Content Across Social Media

The new guidelines for sponsored blog posts are similar to “advertisement” labels in magazines, which inform consumers of a paid sponsorship that may be construed as editorial content. The same concept is applicable to sponsored blog posts, some key elements to disclosure are:

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Influencer Marketing Case Study: Chloé

Influencer Marketing Case Study: Chloé

How Chloé's Valentine's Day Fragrance Campaign Inspired "Love Stories" With Top Fashion Bloggers

In order to drive awareness and brand favorably with target consumer audiences, French fashion house and online retailer Chloé orchestrated an online campaign featuring several blog sponsored placements with top fashion bloggers. Not only did Chloé's influencer marketing campaign succeed with eliciting favorable audience sentiment, but did so by asking the world's most influential fashion, beauty, and lifestyle bloggers to create exclusively branded content on their "Love Story" fragrance theme. 

Influencer Marketing Case Study:


  • Primary Objective - to brand and drive awareness for the launch of Chloé's new fragrance, Love Story, by targeting high-end clientele via top fashion bloggers' audiences
  • Secondary Objective(s) - leverage top fashion bloggers' social, creative content, direction, and readership base as a jump off point for audience engagement



  • High levels of audience engagement including 100+ comments on Gal Meets Glam's single post
  • Immensely favorable consumer social sentiment regarding fragrance
  • Invaluable consumer feedback from distinct, target consumer audiences
  • Elevated brand awareness and messaging
  • Combined social reach (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest) - 4,620,000+
  • Total blog audience reach (total page views, monthly uniques) - 7,000,000 page views; 1,400,000 monthly uniques

Influencer Marketing Case Study Chloe Love Story

Founded in 1952, Chloé was one of the first brands to debut high end made-to-wear "prêt-à-porter" fashion collections. Since it's inception, Chloé has worked with many well-known fashion luminaries including Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, spokesmodel and actress Chloë Sevigny, and can count several celebrities such as Natalie Portman and Kirsten Dunst as high-profile clientele.

Though Chloé's storied history is both impressive and longstanding, the traditional fashion brand is one of many companies marketing to coveted demographics only available on digital, mobile, and social media networks. As demonstrated by their Love Story campaign, Chloé has adapted its marketing and advertising strategy to prominently feature top fashion bloggers and therefore ensure the dissemination of their brand amongst high-traffic sites and adjoining social media publishing channels.

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Instagram Influencers Campaign: #REVOLVEinthehamptons

Instagram Influencers Campaign: #REVOLVEinthehamptons

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Instagram Influencers Enlisted For Revolve Marketing Campaign In Hamptons House

In an effort to boost brand marketing awareness and sales from the East Coast, Revolve partnered with top Instagram influencers in the fashion and beauty space to launch a social media campaign, #RevolveintheHamptons. In this Instagram-focused campaign, Revolve invited esteemed fashion bloggers to spend a weekend at an estate in The Hamptons, a popular summer holiday destination, on Eastern Long Island, New York.

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Top Instagram Accounts: Fashion & Beauty

Top Instagram Accounts For Fashion And Beauty

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2015 Top Instagram Accounts To Follow For Fashion & Beauty

According to recent research published on Digiday, social engagement and awareness are highest on Instagram as opposed to Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. In just the second quarter of 2015, a vast majority of top fashion brands engaging in social media marketing experienced a significant 77% growth in engagement.

Brands who boast more than a million Instagram followers, including Chanel, Benefit Cosmetics, and Estée Lauder quickly built their consumer audiences by teaming up with top social media influencers on the photo-publishing platform. Though these far-reaching influencer partnerships may have originated and gained traction first with top fashion & beauty bloggers and YouTubers (ex. Bethany Mota, Michelle Phan), this trend is quickly extending beyond the beauty realm into both travel/hospitality, and automotive. Within the fashion and beauty niche, online fashion retailers and photography studios (Shopstyle and Smashbox, respectively) are partnering with top fashion influencers for highly-marketable sponsored content.

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Quick Look: What Is Periscope Livestreaming App?

What Is Periscope Livestreaming Video App

Periscope Livestreaming App 101

Digital media is growing at unprecedented rates -- in 2014 alone, digital media siphoned over $1B in ad dollars from traditional TV networks. With the debut of Periscope this May, we may be nearing the apex of social sharing. Periscope is a Twitter-developed app that lets users livestream through their Twitter account to whoever wants to watch. The broadcasts are in real time but can also be watched at a later time. Not only does this revolutionize how we interact with each other, and those around the world, but also how brands can work with social media influencers to effectively communicate with target audiences, generate buzz and awareness, and successfully engage with consumers online.

  • Twitter officially launches Periscope on March 26, 2015
  • Periscope is available for iOS and Android platforms
  • Periscope hits 1M users during its first 10 days of launch
  • 10 million users are now using Periscope livestreaming to watch 40 years' worth of content each day

What Is Periscope And How Does It Work?

Periscope is a video app that allows users to communicate through livestream to their viewers. Acquired by Twitter in March 2015, it has become the main player in video broadcast and the newest social media sensation. Periscope’s user experience is streamlined. On the streaming side, users provide a description for their broadcast and begin recording. Periscope allows users to automatically tweet their video as well as save it to be viewed later. Once the broadcasting is live, viewers can send one-way text messages and “heart”  stream.

5 Best Tips For Using Periscope Livestreaming Effectively

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Blogger Spotlight: Oh Dear Drea By Andrea Duclos

Influencer Spotlight Oh Dear Drea Andrea Duclos Blogger

As a veteran blogger of 15 years, Andrea Duclos started Oh Dear Drea to share her journey as a single mother. Since then, her blog has gained massive popularity for both its candid voice, enticing writing style, and beautiful, vibrant photography. Oh Dear Drea features the latest happenings and finds for natural living, vegan food, travel adventures, and home design. For sponsored blog posts, brands like Sugru, Blue Apron, NatureBox, and BarkBox regularly partner with Oh Dear Drea to co-promote their brand with excellent awareness, reach, and engagement.

Check out her influencer spotlight for a snapshot look into Andrea's blogging world, her advice to new bloggers, and her philosophy for balancing social media and life.

How did you get started blogging?

I started blogging about 15 years ago. Crazy, right? I just wanted a place to write my angst teenage thoughts and have some sort of creative outlet. At some point I stopped for no particular reason. About a year later when I became pregnant I thought I should start again, completely fresh, leaving my teenage angst behind. I deleted my old space and created a new one to document my life as a single mother. I’m not a single mother now, but I think it was good to build a real connection with people first. Even in the best of times now, people know and trust that the life they see is really the life I’m living— and I genuinely think that’s important for the reader.

Influencer Spotlight Oh Dear Drea by Andrea Duclos Blogger

What was your first blog post?

I couldn’t tell you exactly, but if I had to guess it was probably something about being bored in computer class. In my new blog, it was just a picture of me, saying ”Hi, I’m starting this space again!”

What was your breakout moment?

I’m not sure if I had a ‘breakout’ moment. My blog slowly but surely gained momentum and readers. I think people just really liked the honesty and bluntness about it. My blog felt different than a lot of the other happy family blogs out there -- I had a different story to tell and it wasn’t always happy and perfect, it was just life unfolding.

Have you ever written anything that’s gone viral?

I’m not quite sure how viral something has to be to be ‘viral’ but my most popular post to date has been “how to have a good life without spending a lot of money” —- it did incredibly well and was shared often. Which is mostly amusing to me because I said I would never write about money, but one day I sat down and wrote down all the little things we do that make us happy and it all came together, sort of perfectly.

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