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Marketing To Millennials With Influencers

Marketing To Millennials With Social Influencers Marketing

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Marketing To Millennials With Social Media Influencers

Influencer marketing is growing at an impressive rate. According to AdWeek, nearly a quarter of today’s marketers cite influencer marketing as being their most effective customer acquisition tool. While the audience, follower, and fan demographics of top social media influencers can be far-reaching, millennials tend to make up a good portion of their audiences (especially on certain "millennial-favorite" platforms including Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube). Marketing to millennials with influencers, then, makes perfect sense, and more brands are catching on with each passing day.

It’s easy to understand why marketing to millennials with influencers is so important for today’s brands. Social media networks and websites like YouTube and Instagram see countless amounts of visits every day. These social media channels and platforms are where millennials turn for news, information, communication, and entertainment. In the past, traditional advertising techniques were considered key to garnering an audience, but marketing to millennials is different.Read More>>

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Influencer Outreach: 3 Mistakes To Avoid

Influencer Outreach Mistakes To Avoid

image via Alpha M

3 Influencer Outreach Mistakes Not To Make

Influencer marketing is one of the newest, most effective ways for brands to promote products (events, services), engage audiences, and drive sales online. The right approach can elicit tangible results increasing brand visibility and affinity by a measurable extent. For an influencer marketing campaign to be effective, however, the outreach process cannot go overlooked. Influencer outreach (Step 6 of our 10-step influencer marketing strategy) must be carefully calculated from the very beginning -- several steps before the first point of contact.

Unsurprisingly, even the world’s biggest brands are oftentimes unaware of the obstacles when approaching influencers on behalf of effective advertising campaigns. Here are three influencer outreach mistakes that today’s brands and marketing managers need to be aware of:

1. Not Understanding or Identifying the Right Platform Options

Social media networks like YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram have become powerful tools for helping brands build their audiences and execute a wide variety of marketing strategies and initiatives. According to AdWeek, “70 percent of brands are increasing their social media spend this coming year.” To this point, each of these platforms and their contemporaries offer different ways in which users can digest content, engage with social media stars, and partake in brand marketing campaigns (ie. giveaways, sweepstakes, contests, event activations). Choosing the right platform and appropriate social media influencer will depend heavily on the overarching objectives and type of content the campaign will make the most use of.

For example, a month-long contest involving shares and high levels of audience participation will most likely have a lot more success hosted on a well-targeted blog or Instagram channel than in the form of a Snapchat. Skip this important step, and the entire rest of a campaign will likely be in jeopardy.

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How YouTubers Make Money With YouTube Red

How YouTubers Make Money With YouTube Red New Subscription Service

A Video Explainer: How YouTubers Make Money With YouTube Red

On Wednesday, October 21, YouTube announced on their official blog a new monthly subscription service, YouTube Red. While their official announcement highlighted many of the features available to subscribers (including original content from top YouTubers and YouTube's apps for Music, Gaming, and Kids), it perhaps failed to adequately address many of the concerns voiced by content creators and fans alike in the ensuing few days.

As such, many expressed their apprehension and took to the Internets including these posts from publishers:

Vanity Fair: Did YouTube Just Ruin YouTube?

Time: What YouTube Creator's Think Of The Site's Major New Change

TechCrunch: YouTube Red -- An Offer Creators Can't Refuse

Gizmodo: YouTubers Are Up In Arms About YouTube Red

Superfame: YouTube Red Announcement A Massive Disaster As Fans Revolt

With so many YouTubers, fans, and major publishers uncertain about YouTube's new subscription service, Hank Green (who alongside his brother are the creators of both 2.6M+ subscriber channel, Vlogbrothers and premiere online video conference, VidCon) offers much-needed clarity on how YouTubers will make money with YouTube Red. In his 17-minute "long video," Green addresses many of the salient questions (many sourced from his own social channels) raised by YouTube's new ad-free service including: what happens to videos/channels who don't accept YouTube's new terms, will a free ad-supported YouTube continue to exist, and most importantly, how YouTubers make money with YouTube Red.

In addition to Green, many prominent YouTubers have offered their own explanations both for and against (including those pictured above here) what YouTube calls "The Ultimate Experience."

Watch the video above to find out how YouTubers make money with YouTube Red or see it's points bulleted below:

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Millennial Marketing: Time Inc. Buys Lifestyle Blog HelloGiggles

Millennial Marketing Time Buys Zooey Deschanel Blog HelloGiggles

images via Cosmopolitan

Time Buys Lifestyle Blog HelloGiggles To Leverage Millennial Marketing

Last week, Time Inc. announced that they have acquired HelloGiggles, a web-only lifestyle blog and community for young women. Why? Because since its founding in 2011 by adorkable and influential “it” girl, Zooey Deschanel, the website exploded in popularity though its clever use of social media and digital influencer star power. In the time between then and now, the website has developed a active and devoted readership. Its success is profiled in Forbes’ 2011 article, “How Great Word of Mouth Went Above and Beyond for HelloGiggles.”

Time Inc. is undoubtedly an established and powerful organization, and HelloGiggles is certain to benefit from the established resources that the company offers. It’s not a one way street, though. By absorbing a young, tech-savvy organization like HelloGiggles, Time stands to draw in a whole range of advertisers who never would have purchased space in one of its print publications. Time will also bring on a slew of new, social-media-conscious employees. The purchase signifies Time’s embrace of fresh, new media and a desire to appeal to younger crowds. As AdExchanger puts it, Time Inc. "expects HelloGiggles to help infuse its other brands with knowledge about how to thrive in a digital world."

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Influencer Marketing Stats, News & Trends Week 10-19-2015

Influencer Marketing Stats News Trends YouTube Red Launches

watch YouTube Red's promo vid below

YouTube Red Launches, TV Ad Budgets Go Digital, IAB's Mess Up

For this week's installment of influencer marketing stats roundup, we take a high-level look at the news and trends shaping up the industry -- this time disruption from YouTube's new paywall, TV advertising, ad blocking, and millennial marketing.

  • YouTube finally unveils its long-awaited subscription service "YouTube Red". The monthly membership paywall eliminates ads, allows for offline viewing, and includes original content featuring top YouTube creators (see upcoming titles here) access to its YouTube Gaming app, and yet-to-be-launched Music app
  • In traditional Godfather fashion, YouTube muscles its new Red ad agreement onto top YouTubers (TechCrunch's "An Offer Creators Can't Refuse")
  • What everyone is wondering: "Could YouTube's New Subscription Service Affect Netflix?" (Market Realist -- see graph below)
  • Though YouTube just debuted its ad-free service, WSJ reports YouTube ad growth has surged 471% in last year -- top 1K YouTube channels grew their subscriber base by 37% and monthly views, 44%. WSJ remarks, new data finds show YouTube's depth to advertisers presenting both challenges and growth opportunity
  • YouTube's ad-of-the-decade winner, Turkish Airlines to send ten top YouTubers to Istanbul for influencer marketing campaign, #FortuneTraveller (Tubefilter). This campaign furthers the trend of travel and hospitality brands partnering with social media influencers for innovative digital marketing campaigns (see how other airlines have marketed with lifestyle bloggers here)
  • TV marketing on social platforms and channels will rise to 5% in 2016-2017, then 10% in successive 3 years (MediaPost's "Social Media To Become Bigger Tool For TV Marketers)

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The Different Types Of YouTube Gaming Videos

YouTube Gaming Videos Different Types

image via YouTube Gaming

The 5 Top Types Of YouTube Gaming Videos

According to the ESA's (Entertainment Software Association) 2015 report, over 155 million Americans play video games. Neilsen's 360 Gaming Report (2014) shows that close to two-thirds of the entire United States population plays video games on some device. In terms of sales, an article from Think With Google puts the global gaming market into perspective:

The highest-grossing movie of 2014 to date,Transformers: Age of Extinction. In its 15 weeks at the box office, the film took in over $1B worldwide. By comparison, the Grand Theft Auto V game launch hit that figure in the first week of release last year. It became the fastest-selling entertainment product in history and broke another five sales records along the way, according to Guinness World Records.

For YouTube, gaming videos represents one of the most valuable and searched niches on the world's second largest search engine. Second only to music, YouTube gaming videos top the list for most-searched topics in 2014. According to Forbes, the richest YouTuber PewDiePie is searched nearly as much as Beyonce or Drake.

YouTube Gaming Videos Top Search Query

For marketers, the YouTube gaming community featuring some of the most well-known top YouTubers represents a sizeable and continually growing opportunity to target highly engaged audiences who are proactively seeking out the latest gaming videos for their next consumer purchase. With the inclusion of its recently launched Gaming App in YouTube's first subscription service "YouTube Red", consumers and marketers alike can rest assured that gaming is here to stay and represents big business growth in the months to come.

Here are the top 5 types of YouTube gaming videos driving views, traffic, and engagement today:

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Meet YouTube’s Subscription Service: YouTube Red

YouTube Red Subscription Service From YouTube Launches

YouTube Subscription Service Launch: Details Announced

YouTube has hinted on and off for quite a while now that it would be implementing a paywall of some sort to enable users to view videos ad-free. Now, via an official announcement on their blog, YouTube debuts "YouTube Red."

The video publishing network will launch what it calls "The Ultimate YouTube Experience" on October 28th later this month. A $9.99 monthly membership fee will enable users to save content for viewing offline. The subscription also includes access to YouTube's recently launched Gaming app and a music app (yet to be released). 

It’s not just an ad-free tier that has people buzzing, but also the fact that YouTube plans to reserve new original content from some of the network’s top content creators specifically for paid subscribers. As reported earlier this week in Wall Street Journal, YouTube has already signed (albeit reluctantly, perhaps via future ad-revenue exclusion clause) Time Warner, Fox Sports, A&E, NBCUniversal, with Walt Disney still up in the air. 

For years, YouTube has worked to further interest in its native content creators, citing them an integral aspect to the network’s originality. Just last year, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki hinted that involvement in helping its content creators grow and assisting in the production of videos would grow (Fast Company). YouTube's 2011 Original Channels Initiative certainly brought original content into the limelight but ultimately failed to elicit the requisite traction.

YouTube’s upcoming subscription service is no doubt an attempt at building upon the foundation created in 2011 and taking things to the next level amidst several existing competitors, Netflix, Hulu, Vimeo, Facebook, and Vessel.

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Who Sponsors Blogs? The Biggest Brands Advertising with Bloggers

Blog Advertising The Biggest Brands Advertising With Lifestyle Bloggers

Who Are The Biggest Brands Advertising With Bloggers In 2015?

As brands search for marketing platforms and social networks to effectively target consumers, many of today's top advertisers are marketing and driving purchases with influential lifestyle bloggers in order to reach and engage massive online audiences. Blog sponsorships and influencer marketing are becoming an increasingly larger part of each brand's digital advertising strategy and an integral facet of how they market to millennial consumers through social media.

We analyzed all sponsored content from January - June of 2015 from the top 100 lifestyle blogs. Collectively, the blogs selected here represent an audience of over 10 million readers. Over 409 million people view blogs each month on WordPress alone. In addition to identifying the top brands who advertised, the study also assessed primary/secondary advertiser categories and the most common types of blog sponsored content.

Top blog sponsors include several retail giants (Nordstrom, Target, Old Navy) in addition to new food subscription services, Blue Apron and NatureBox. Top primary advertiser categories feature Fashion (28.4%), Food (9.3%), and Home (8.9%). Secondary advertiser categories include E-commerce (30.5%), Retailer (29.8%), and Subscription (15.6%).

For an in-depth look at influencer marketing campaigns with top bloggers including social metric measurement, check out our case studies here or subscribe to our industry digest for the latest news and trends in the social influencer space.

To enlarge, click on the following infographic "Blog Advertising - The Biggest Brands Advertising With Lifestyle Bloggers" and please feel free to share: embed code below!

Blog Advertising Top 10 Brands Working With Bloggers

Embed This Image On Your Site (copy code below):

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Global Ad Blocking Movement Prompts Major Change From IAB

Interactive Advertising Bureau IAB Lean Ads

IAB logo via IAB

IAB Reverses Stance On Ad Blocking, Says It Scraped Dimes Only To Lose Dollars

In the wake of alarming ad blocking statistics and publisher trends, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has completely reversed its initial stance on the growing ad blocking movement. Earlier last month, at its 2015 MIXX Conference (September 28-29th), SVP Scott Cunningham called the ad blocking movement "highway robbery," and implied that ad blockers aren't playing fair (Adweek). Additionally, the IAB characterized ad blocking as "a war between engineers" with a business model that needed to be removed.

Only a few short weeks later, the IAB debuts its new digital advertising initiative, LEAN, prefacing its rollout with a message: "We Messed Up." LEAN, which stands for "light, encrypted, ad choice supported, non-invasive ads," is a brand new set of guidelines from the IAB that addresses the importance of digital ad user experience. These new directives won't supersede existing advertising standards. Instead, IAB's LEAN aims to help marketers and content providers establish advertising standards that are conducive to a favorable consumer experience. Cunningham writes

We were so clever and so good at [targeting users with ever-heftier advertisements] that we over-engineered the capabilites of the plumbing laid down by, well, ourselves. This steamrolled the users, depleted their devices, and tried their patience.

In a conscientious effort to improve overall user experience, LEAN will address such aspects of ad tech including the volume of ads per page, user targeting both before and after sales, capping retargeting, and more citing the need to be "just as good, if not better, at moderation" vs. reach and scale.

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Influencer Marketing News, Stats & Trends Week 10-12-2015

Influencer Marketing News Forbes YouTuber List

image via Forbes' YouTube channel

GoPro, Facebook's YouTube Killer, Forbes' YouTuber List

This week's influencer marketing news, stats, and trends roundup features several industry firsts across the YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and publishing landscape.

  • GoPro launches $5M annual awards program for content creators including weekly cash awards Of $5K (for best photos, raw clips, video edits). SVP of Entertainment, Zander Lurie, keen on “sharing revenue with our user;” believes this initiative will help launch careers (cites top YouTuber successes of PewDiePie and Jenna Marbles in Adweek feature)  
  • Facebook to launch its own YouTube (Re/code)
  • Forbes publishes its first YouTuber list charting their earnings. Follows in the footstep of other traditional and mainstream publications (see Variety's second annual Digital Stars vs. Celebrities ranking) giving increasingly more dedicated coverage on the YouTuber phenomenon spearheading online video views.
  • Google To Advertisers: Spend 26% of your TV budget on us if you want to reach 15-34-year-olds (Business Insider). Announced at Brandcast (YouTube’s annual advertising event in London), this statement by Google's UK managing director, Eileen Naughton, follows Google’s Q2 statement “YouTube now reaches more 18 to 49-year-olds than any single US cable network.”
  • New Report From Millward Brown: Teens & Adults Watching Equal Amounts of Online Video vs. TV (16-45-year-olds)
  • Continuing the Hollywood digital talent arms race: UTA signs both makeup YouTuber Kandee Johnson, and Annoying Orange creator, Dane Boedigheimer. Last month WME signed Caspar Lee, Elise Strachan, and Casey Neistat (Tubefilter)
  • Just in time for the holiday rush, Reuters profiles how the phenomenon of YouTube unboxing is driving gift lists.
  • LG Electronics Australia gives phones to 30 Instagrammers in targeted effort to drive brand engagement (CMO)
  • No longer just the platform for fashion & beauty brands, mobile gaming companies are now starting to run ads on Instagram (WSJ)
  • 75% of marketers are using influencer marketing (Adweek)
  • Launched October 5 to promote Shoppable Video Ads, "Awesome Stuff Week" YouTube's new channel featuring top YouTubers reviewing products elicits over 3.4 million views to date

videos from GoPro, Facebook, and Forbes below the fold: 

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