How Much Do Top Twitch Streamers Make?

How Much Do Top Twitch Streamers Make?

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How Much Do Twitch Streamers Make? The Top 10 Earn Over $20 Million A Year.

Twitch.tv, a live streaming video platform, was purchased by Amazon for $970 million back in September 2014. Since then, many gamers have taken to the platform to share their craft with the gaming world. The more successful streamers have gone on to catapult their gaming accounts into the business realm, raking in thousands of dollars per month.

At an estimated $23 million in total yearly revenue, the top 10 most popular Twitch streamers have laid claim to an empire that appears to only keep expanding since Twitch launched in 2011. Based on this data alone, the platform could be on track to outpace its rival, YouTube Gaming. While YouTube and Twitch battle it out for dominance in the video game live streaming arena, onlookers can witness and contribute to the immense amount of money coursing through Twitch’s top streamers.


The Top 10 Most Popular Twitch Streamers Make A Whopping $23 Million In Total Yearly Revenue

How do Twitch streamers make money? Top players have several sources of income, including paid subscription revenue, donations and Bit Cheers, advertising revenue, sponsorships, affiliate sales, and merchandise sales. But how much do Twitch streamers make a year? Among the top 10 Twitch streamers are businessmen who know how to monetize their expertise in gaming by broadcasting it to hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of fans who eagerly watch in anticipation and support of their next move. Through their savvy gaming decisions, each of the most popular streamers rakes in upwards of $1 million per year.

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Top 10 Twitch Streamers: Most Popular Twitch Creators In Terms Of Subscribers

Below are the most popular Twitch streamers in descending order of subscribers:

  • Ninja
  • Shroud
  • TimTheTatman
  • DrLupo
  • DrDisRespectLIVE
  • AdmiralBahroo
  • Sodapoppin
  • Tsm_Myth

1. Ninja

Richard "Tyler" Blevins, also known as Ninja, is the Twitch streamer with the most subscribers and average viewership as of 2018. He gained popularity by streaming Fortnite regularly, which happened as Twitch’s own popularity began to grow. His prowess and rapid success enabled Ninja to become the first Twitch channel to amass 10 million followers. His yearly estimated revenue of $5,417,447 also makes him the highest earning Twitch streamer.

  • Metrics
    • Twitch subscribers - 94,369
    • Average Viewers Per Week - 81,654
    • Average Bit Cheers - 2,636,291
  • Revenue
    • Subscription - $3,955,571
    • Ad - $509,521
    • Bit Donations - $316,354.92
    • Average Sponsorship - $600,000
    • Average Estimated YouTube Compensation - $36,000

2. Shroud


Michael Grzesiek, otherwise known as Shroud in the Twitch world, is a full-time streamer focused on multiplayer battle arena games. The Canadian got his start as an eSports competitive gamer but his Twitch streaming quickly boosted his fame. He earns an estimated $3,193,097 in revenue per year.

  • Metrics
    • Twitch subscribers - 55,263
    • Average Viewers Per Week - 29,287
    • Average Bit Cheers - 482,852
  • Revenue
    • Subscription - $2,316,404
    • Ad - $182,751
    • Bit Donations - $57,942
    • Average Sponsorship - $600,000
    • Average Estimated YouTube Compensation - $36,000

3. TimTheTatman

As one of the gaming world’s most zealous broadcasters, Timothy John Bater has made big waves on Twitch. His gaming skills didn’t take long to gain traction, with his focus on games like Overwatch, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and World of Warcraft. On average, Tim brings home around an estimated $2,770,287 a year.

  • Metrics
    • Twitch subscribers - 43,005
    • Average Viewers Per Week - 23,676
    • Average Bit Cheers - 1,532,925
  • Revenue
    • Subscription - $1,802,598
    • Ad - $147,738
    • Bit Donations - $183,951
    • Average Sponsorship - $600,000
    • Average Estimated YouTube Compensation - $36,000

4. DrLupo

Ben, who goes by DrLupo or Lupo, is a top gamer and livestreamer who plays PUBG and Fortnite professionally. He won exposure through playing with Fortnite sensation, Ninja, and quickly grew his fan base into the millions. His yearly revenue sits just below $2 million at an estimated $1,963,700.

  • Metrics
    • Twitch subscribers - 26,034
    • Average Viewers Per Week - 9,569
    • Average Bit Cheers - 1,472,899
  • Revenue
    • Subscription - $1,091,241
    • Ad - $59,711
    • Bit Donations - $176,747
    • Average Sponsorship - $600,000
    • Average Estimated YouTube Compensation - $36,000

5. DrDisRespectLIVE

Guy Beahm goes by the more commonly known alias, DrDisRespect, and is a highly popular internet and gaming entertainer. He emerged onto the Twitch scene while playing battle royale video games and gained a large following shortly after. His estimated yearly income from Twitch earnings puts him at #5 on the list, with approximately $1,791,453 a year.

  • Metrics
    • Twitch subscribers - 25,189
    • Average Viewers Per Week - 15,005
    • Average Bit Cheers - 50,001
  • Revenue
    • Subscription - $1,055,822
    • Ad - $93,631
    • Bit Donations - $6,000
    • Average Sponsorship - $600,000
    • Average Estimated YouTube Compensation - $36,000



Live streaming professional and anime enthusiast, this gamer earned a mass following on the platform putting him on the market for bigger deals. He earns an estimated amount of $1,726,966 in Twitch revenue per year.

  • Metrics
    • Twitch subscribers - 24,028
    • Average Viewers Per Week - 9,238
    • Average Bit Cheers - 218,030
  • Revenue
    • Subscription - $1,007,158
    • Ad - $57,645
    • Bit Donations - $26,163
    • Average Sponsorship - $600,000
    • Average Estimated YouTube Compensation - $36,000

7. AdmiralBahroo

This Twitch Partner is an avid gamer who amassed a following through his antics and Panda “roo” Twitch emotes. He brings in a yearly estimated revenue of $1,688,351.

  • Metrics
    • Twitch subscribers - 20,950
    • Average Viewers Per Week - 8,760
    • Average Bit Cheers - 996,235
  • Revenue
    • Subscription - $878,140
    • Ad - $54,662
    • Bit Donations - $119,548
    • Average Sponsorship - $600,000
    • Average Estimated YouTube Compensation - $36,000

8. Sodapoppin


Thomas Chance Morris IV, otherwise known as Sodapoppin on Twitch, is a top streamer and World of Warcraft player with one of the largest WoW followings. He used to co-own the Canadian eSports organization, Northern Gaming. He now streams a variety of games, generating an estimated $1,666,707 in yearly revenue.

  • Metrics
    • Twitch subscribers - 19,595
    • Average Viewers Per Week - 26,830
    • Average Bit Cheers - 349,531
  • Revenue
    • Subscription - $821,344
    • Ad - $167,419
    • Bit Donations - $41,943
    • Average Sponsorship - $600,000
    • Average Estimated YouTube Compensation - $36,000


Saqib Zahid is a live streaming phenomenon with one of the largest Twitch followings. While starting with World of Warcraft, his popularity peaked from consistent streaming of playing DayZ. He makes an estimated total of $1,545,598 a year.

  • Metrics
    • Twitch subscribers - 19,018
    • Average Viewers Per Week - 12,931
    • Average Bit Cheers - 264,580
  • Revenue
    • Subscription - $797,158
    • Ad - $80,689
    • Bit Donations - $31,749
    • Average Sponsorship - $600,000
    • Average Estimated YouTube Compensation - $36,000

10. Tsm_Myth


Ali Kabbali is a young professional Fortnite player who earned a large following through his Battle Royale streams. He then joined a team and participated in tournaments which lifted his fame even more. He rounds out the list of top 10 with an estimated yearly earning of $1,330,275.

  • Metrics
    • Twitch subscribers - 13,840
    • Average Viewers Per Week - 9,924
    • Average Bit Cheers - 435,269
  • Revenue
    • Subscription - $580,117
    • Ad - $61,926
    • Bit Donations - $52,232
    • Average Estimated Sponsorship - $600,000
    • Average Estimated YouTube Compensation - $36,000

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The lucrative business of Twitch does not have complete transparency when it comes to streaming income. There's no simple formula to answer the question, "how much do Twitch streamers make?" Using tidbits of available information on how Twitch streamers pull in money, we’ve calculated the estimated annual revenue each streamer earns to put it in perspective.

Our methodology relies upon the availability of Twitch metrics and formulas, and we’ve factored in estimates from Twitch streamers’ commentary on varying revenue sources.

  1. Subscriber Count: Determine top 10 Twitch streamers based on the official tally of current subscriber counts.
  2. Subscription Revenue: Calculate total monthly revenue based on Twitch’s subscription revenue model of $4.99 per subscriber per month, in which top Twitch streamers earn approximately 70% of that total. Multiply by 12 (months) to arrive at the estimated yearly subscription revenue.
  3. Ad Revenue: Find the average concurrent viewership for last 7 days and multiply by the amount of estimated commercials run while streaming (At a $1.00 eCPM, if a streamer runs three commercials per hour and streams for eight hours a day, five days a week, they’d run a total of 120 commercials per week).
    • For reference: Twitch calculates an “effective cost per 1000 impressions” (eCPM) by taking into account blocked ads via Ad-Block.
    • Divide this number by 1000 “blocks” of views (based on the $1.00 eCPM) to get the weekly ad revenue, then multiply this by 52 (weeks) to arrive at estimated yearly ad revenue.
  4. Bit Donations: Find average estimated Bits Cheers for given month and calculate revenue earned based on Twitch’s model of paying Twitch streamers one cent for each Bit that is used in the chatroom. Multiply this by 12 (months) for the estimated yearly Bits revenue.
  5. Brand Sponsorships: Estimate the average sponsorships revenue they receive (we conservatively estimated this amount to be $50,000 per month based on Gamebyte’s speculation of top streamers earning up to $100,000 in sponsorship earnings per month).
  6. *Note: These calculations fluctuate by how much they stream per week, their negotiated rates with Twitch and brands, as well as how many subscribers they have.
  7. Metrics Not Factored In: We did not factor in merchandise earnings nor direct donations via PayPal or other peer-to-peer payment platforms for this estimation. We chose to exclude these types of transactions because they are more confidential (therefore difficult to track) and much less consistent month-over-month.
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