How Many People Use Instagram Stories? [User Growth Chart]

How Many People Use Instagram Stories? [User Growth Chart]

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See How Instagram Stories Doubled Its Users In Just One Year

Though Instagram Stories has been around for just over a year, the feature has quickly become one of the most popular avenues for sharing social media content. Regarded as a more user-friendly and discoverable Snapchat Stories, Instagram Stories is popularizing in-the-moment content, and is quickly being adopted by audiences and influencers alike as their preferred social media platform.

Instagram Stories already has nearly twice as many daily users as Snapchat, and the feature’s immense popularity and continued expansion have significant implications for audiences, influencers, and marketers alike.

How Many People Use Instagram Stories Every Day? [Chart]

Since launching in August 2016, Instagram Stories has skyrocketed in popularity and has become one of the most widely-used features in any social media app.

As of November 2017, Stories has over 300 million daily active users. This means that approximately 60% of Instagram’s 500 million daily active users are also viewing or publishing Instagram Stories content.

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Instagram Stories User Growth

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What Stories Growth Means For Content Creators And Marketers

In light of Instagram Stories’ rapid growth and popularity with audiences, content creators and marketers should keep the following in mind. First, it’s important to note that audiences have specific expectations for Stories content. Despite the fact that users can now upload old photos and videos to Instagram Stories directly from their camera rolls, Stories content is typically expected to be captured in the moment.

Stories give users the opportunity to share genuine, unstaged moments in their lives, and they expect a high level of authenticity when viewing Stories content. When reaching audiences through Stories, marketers and the influencers should make an effort to meet the expectations that come along with the format. In particular, when marketers are developing branded or sponsored Stories content with influencers, audiences often value candor over polish.

Second, Instagram Stories is changing the way people communicate with each other and the way they digest new information. Though the Stories format isn’t unique to Instagram’s platform, it has certainly become one of the major features driving users to search for and consume new content from the platform's favorite creators and Instagram influencers.

Content creators and marketers should take note of the fact that the Stories format is increasingly becoming a mainstream, even commonplace, form of communication. The sooner that marketers recognize this and adapt accordingly, the more effective their social media and influencer marketing efforts will be.

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How Instagram Stories Is Impacting The Social Media Landscape

In addition to bringing Stories-style content mainstream, the rise of Instagram Stories has bolstered the platform as a whole. The introduction of Instagram Stories contributed to a 7-10 minute increase in the amount of time an average user spends in the app per day. Additionally, the popular feature provides new advertising opportunities for brands.

Instagram Stories is not only directing attention towards Instagram but also diverting attention away from its main competitor, Snapchat. Best known for introducing the ephemeral Stories format, Snapchat has attributed its massive decline in popularity to competitors cloning its Stories feature. Snapchat Stories view counts have declined 15-40%, and our recent study shows that its top content creators have been using it 33% less in favor of Instagram Stories.

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