What Is A Brand Ambassador? Definition, Core Traits & Examples

What Is A Brand Ambassador? Definition, Core Traits & Examples

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What Are Brand Ambassadors And How To Best Leverage Them

Consumers are inundated with massive quantities of information and brands on a daily basis and businesses are now having a hard time learning how to stand out in all the noise. Consequently, brands have begun embracing a new trend: brand ambassadors. Fueled by the time people spend on social media, brand ambassadors are increasingly chosen based on their followers and engagement on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and/or other apps and platforms.  

In order to understand why brands are using brand ambassadors to reach consumers, it’s important to identify the characteristics of an ideal brand ambassador and break down what exactly they can do for brands.

What Is A Brand Ambassador? Definition 

Any individual who consistently promotes a brand’s image, products, or services can be considered a brand ambassador. In general, they will boost brand awareness, embodying the values and missions of a brand.

A brand ambassador, in contrast to a spokesperson, has a continuing relationship with the brand, sharing a story and identity with the brand. Moreover, brand ambassadors interact with a brand’s audience, bringing back insights and ideas to a brand.

Brand ambassadors fall into two categories: unpaid and paid.

Unpaid brand ambassadors come from organic enthusiasm. These people encompass a wide range of people from loyal customers who encourage friends to try a brand through word-of-mouth or online reviewers who write positive reviews advocating the brand. 

A paid brand ambassador is sponsored by a brand, either through monetary payment or free products and services. Paid brand ambassadors range from celebrities paid to represent a brand to top social media influencers (e.g. YouTubers, Instagrammers, social media stars) demonstrating new product they received for free.

Paid brand ambassadors are still some of the most powerful tools at a brand’s disposal. Their large followings coupled with a strong presence in media make them ideal candidates for connecting with audiences. Now, as social and digital turns into and supplants mainstream media, brands are looking towards social media influencers on every platform for their new ambassadors.

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What Are The Core Traits In Brand Ambassadors?

Brand ambassadors are easily distinguishable and possess four fundamental qualities:

  1. Thought Leader - Brand ambassadors are the thought leaders in their field. Because brand ambassadors are at the top of their field, they are also the ones best armed with industry knowledge. They are the icons that audiences look up to and strive to emulate, and their positions of leadership make them persuasive representatives of a brand.
  2. Well Connected - The best brand ambassadors are not only leaders in the field, they are also well connected to other leaders within their communities. A brand ambassador will have a passion for building and will grow relationships with the most relevant industry influencers. Significantly, brand ambassadors also constantly reach out to a brand’s audiences. This means that brand ambassadors know how to make deep connections with a brand’s most valued and loyal customers.
  3. Online and Social Media Presence - Brand ambassadors have a strong online presence, notably on social media. They reach thousands to millions of people on a single platform and have established access to consumers’ carefully curated social media feeds. Many will create content on a daily basis, providing their followers with new ideas on a constructed schedule and carving out space for themselves in their followers’ lives. When brand ambassadors promote brands on their social media accounts, their followers are receptive to their message, viewing it as advice from a close friend.
  4. Physical Presence - Outside of social media, brand ambassadors are helpful to brands in event marketing as well. Oftentimes, brand ambassadors will be speaking on behalf of a brand embodying a high level of professionalism and charisma. Events involving brand ambassadors are well-followed by their followers and brands can count on a high turnout if brand ambassadors are slated to appear.

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Examples Of Brand Ambassadors On Social Media

Maybelline It Girls

Maybelline It Girls are among the most well-known brand ambassadors in any industry. To draw attention to new Maybelline products or attendance at a certain event, Maybelline will bring together brand ambassadors and have them share candidly online.

For instance, during New York Fashion Week, Maybelline brings together famous make-up artists, digital influencers, and models around the world to make its presence known. Maybelline’s brand ambassadors then let their audiences know about their presence through social media, generating interest and brand awareness.

One of my favorite people during #nyfw @melissareidhead 💋 #maybellineitgirls #maybelline

A post shared by Velove Vexia (@vaelovexia) on

Here, Instagram influencer, Maybelline It Girl, and brand ambassador Velove Vexis shared a picture with Maybelline Global Director of Communications Melissa Reidhead to her 900,000 Instagram followers. Velove’s well-executed post demonstrates that she is a liaison between brand and audience.

Amex Brand Ambassadors

American Express’ brand ambassadors, known as Amex Ambassadors, are constantly active on social media. Amex Ambassadors will post a photo on Instagram depicting the ways that they can use American Express services and tagging the caption with #AmexAmbassador. The brand ambassador strategy allows American Express to appear in many different industries and appeal to a wide range of people, from teen fashionistas to small business owners.  

Fashion and travel Instagrammer Julia Engel is one of the most popular Amex Ambassadors. Here, she demonstrates how using the Amex Platinum is usable in foreign countries, and how the credit card has eliminated the fuss in traveling.

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