The Top 10 Instagram Video Statistics Marketers Should Know

The Top 10 Instagram Video Statistics Marketers Should Know

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Top 10 Instagram Video Statistics Prove Videos Are Transforming Social Media

Instagram has over 700 million monthly active users with over 250 million on Stories alone. Video on the platform is available in three forms: Video posts, stories, and live streaming. Video posts were introduced in June 2013, and remain permanent unless deleted by the user. Stories came next in August 2016, and disappear 24 hours after publication. Live streaming, launched in January 2017, allows users to share video content in the moment and either exists only while streaming, or for 24 hours following.

Instagram video, in the form of posts, stories, and live streaming, presents a new medium for advertising that gives brands and influencers another way to communicate with users. Stories in particular, has taken the platform by storm. 

Here are 10 Instagram video statistics for marketers and advertisers:

  1. 5 million videos were posted within 24 hours of the launch of Instagram Video.
  2. 35% of Instagram users post and view Instagram Stories.
  3. There are 3x as many searches for "Instagram Stories" vs. "Snapchat Stories."
  4. Top publishers are ramping up Instagram video posts by 90-100% each year.
  5. 5.2 million users watched branded Instagram videos during Q1 2017.
  6. 50% of business Instagram accounts posted a Story in July 2017.
  7. Sponsored Instagram videos generate 3x more comments than sponsored Instagram photos.
  8. Brands post 2x more Instagram Stories than Snapchat Stories.
  9. Top Instagram influencers post 6-7 Stories every day.
  10. Most watched Instagram Stories in the US: J Balvin, The Fat Jewish, and Lele Pons.

Instagram Video Statistics: 10 Instagram Video Stats, News, & Demographic

Over the course of a year, the feature has cemented itself as an effective tool for marketers and brands to reach users in real time and connect more authentically with audiences. We took a look at the most notable Instagram video statistics to get a better sense of video’s history, growth, and future on the platform.

1. 5 Million Videos Were Posted Within 24 Hours Of The Introduction Of Instagram Videos

An astonishing number of videos were published following the launch of the Instagram video post feature in 2013. According to Adweek, it would take one year to watch every video that was published within 8 hours of the feature’s release.

2. 35% Of Instagram’s 700 Million Users Are Creating And Viewing Videos Via Stories

Instagram Stories debuted to the public on August 2, 2016. The feature gained 100 million daily users in the first two months and has continued to grow at a rapid pace in the months since. According to Instagram, of its 700+ million users, 250+ million are posting and viewing stories at this time.

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3. Search Interest Is 3X Higher For Instagram Stories Than For Snapchat Stories

The public is showing a considerable preference for Instagram Stories over Snapchat Stories. According to Google Trends, as of August 2017, search popularity for Instagram Stories is 3X higher than search popularity for Snapchat Stories.

4. 90-100% More Instagram Videos Are Posted By Top Publishers

Publications are also using Instagram videos to connect with followers and in a single year have drastically increased video production. According to NewsWhip, Time Magazine posted 7 videos during May of 2016. In May of 2017, the publication posted 68 videos.

5. 5.2 Million People Viewed Brand-Created Instagram Videos During Q1 2017

The view count on sponsored Instagram videos is comparable to other video enabled platforms. An L2 report examined 293 branded video campaigns and found that on average a brand received 5.2 million views on an Instagram video, 14.8 million views on a YouTube video, and 18.8 million views on a Facebook video.

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6. 50% Of Businesses On Instagram Posted An Instagram Story In July 2017

Businesses across many industries have quickly adopted Instagram's Stories feature and are seeing increased consumer engagement as a result. According to Instagram, 50% of businesses posted an Instagram story last month, and 20% of organic stories posted by businesses receive a direct message.

7. 3X As Many Comments Are Garnered By Sponsored Instagram Videos Than Sponsored Instagram Photos

Sponsored videos receive significantly more comments than sponsored photos. Mediakix examined 150 sponsored Instagram photos and videos, we found that a sponsored Instagram photo receives approximately 1 comment per 1,000 followers. A sponsored Instagram video, on the other hand, receives around 3 comments per 1,000 followers.

8. 2X As Many Instagram Stories Are Posted By Brands Than Snapchat Stories

Instagram Stories presents brands a unique opportunity to connect with consumers and drive sales through “swipe up” links, a feature Snapchat lacks. Many brands are switching from Snapchat Stories to Instagram Stories, and this popular Instagram Stories feature may be a contributing factor. In July, a group of 89 brands posted 1,347 Instagram Stories compared to just 614 Snapchat stories, indicating an overwhelming preference for Instagram.

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9. 6-7 Instagram Stories Are Posted By Top Instagram Influencers Every Day


With the introduction of Stories, Instagram continues to challenge Snapchat as the platform of choice for influencers. Over a period of 30 days, 12 top social media influencers posted on average 6.6 Instagram stories each day, and only 5.3 Snapchat stories.

10. The Most Watched Instagram Stories In The U.S Belong To J Balvin, The Fat Jewish, And Lele Pons


Currently, @jbalvin, @thefatjewish, @lelepons are the leaders of Instagram Stories. In total the three influencers boast 46.7 million followers. Selena Gomez still maintains the most followers on the platform, demonstrating that more followers don't always result in more Story views.

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