Pride Month On Social: Top Brands & Social Media Support The LGBTQ Community

Pride Month On Social: Top Brands & Social Media Support The LGBTQ Community

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How Brands & Social Media Platforms Are Getting Involved In Pride Month And Supporting The LGBTQ Community

June is Pride Month — a brief period of time during which rainbow flags, hats, shoes, and more come out in full force worldwide. Cities host Pride parades, brands launch Pride collections, and social media platforms release special spirited features that get users and influencers creating and sharing.

Pride isn't just a chance for brands to join the conversation, it's a chance for them to market for good. As hashtags, contests, Instagram posts, Stories, videos, livestreams, and more surround the events and festivities, Pride is a big moment for brands to show their support for the LGBTQ community and to use their promotional powers for good causes.

From Pride stickers and filters to shirts and stories created to benefit organizations like the Human Rights Campaign and the It Gets Better Project, Pride is a major opportunity for engaging audiences and demonstrating solidarity. Here are some highlights from Pride Month in social media and digital advertising so far:

Social Media Platforms Release Pride Features

This is Instagram’s first Pride Month since it added Stories and, much more recently, filters and stickers. The platform’s making full use of the opportunity by introducing Pride Stickers and a Rainbow Brush in Instagram Stories. Instagram is also sponsoring five Rainbow Walls in five cities, partnering with artists in Los Angeles, London, Madrid, Nashville, and Cleveland to turn walls into beacons of support and acceptance.

LGBTQ Pride Month Instagram Stickers Rainbow Walls Rainbow Brush

via Instagram

Instagram’s parent company isn’t sitting Pride Month out, either. Facebook’s added Pride features of its own, including Pride reactions for posts, stickers in Messenger, and Pride masks and frames for Facebook Camera.

Facebook Pride Frames Masks LGBTQ Pride Month

via Facebook

Twitter’s joining the Pride Month fun, too, revisiting its now-familiar tradition of including the Pride flag heart with hashtags like #loveislove, #lovewins, and #pride2017. The platform's also made the symbol more inclusive by adding the transgender flag to one side of the heart. Twitter’s incorporated the symbols on a number of translations for its popular Pride hashtags in the platform’s most popular languages, including Japanese, Spanish, French, Arabic, German, Korean, and more.

Urban Outfitters Partners With Ambassador And Hip-Hop Artist Taylor Bennett

The UO Pride Collection is the newest addition to the Urban Outfitters lineup, and the popular retailer is partnering with independent Chicago hip-hop artist (and younger brother of Chance the Rapper) Taylor Bennett as an ambassador for the new collection. Bennett came out as bisexual before the release of his album, and he’ll be performing an in-store Pride celebration at the Urban Outfitters location at North State Street in Chicago.

LGBTQ Pride Month Urban Outfitters Ambassador Taylor Bennett Pride Collection Brand

via Urban Outfitters

The collection features Pride-focused items and clothes, and all profits generated from the Pride Collection will be donated to GLSEN, an organization advocating for the rights and safety of LGBTQ students in schools.

American Eagle Launches The #WeAllCan Campaign

American Eagle Outfitters also has a Pride collection, but its approach is a little different. With a variety of items, from underwear to tanks and hats to beaded chokers, American Eagle is donating 100% of the sales from the Pride collection to the It Gets Better Project, which seeks to send a message of hope to LGBTQ youth worldwide.

LGBTQ Pride Month American Eagle Outfitters Pride Collection #WeAllCan

via American Eagle

The other component of American Eagle’s Pride Month campaign is its hashtag, #WeAllCan. American Eagle is encouraging social media users to share their stories with the hashtag #WeAllCan, and plans to use those stories on the company’s Pride Parade Float or billboard in Times Square.

Everlane Is Amplifying Stories Of Pride Through Its #HumanTogether Campaign

Clothing retailer Everlane is also amplifying stories of Pride and acceptance. It has a Pride collection of its own, the 100% Human Collection, and set a goal of raising $100,000 for the Human Rights Campaign through the collection. Everlane is encouraging advocates and supporters to tell their stories through videos emailed to the company (which suggests using Instagram Stories in particular) and is, in turn, sharing those stories on its social media channels.

Actress Rowan Blanchard, model Hari Nef, photographer Lee Bullitt, painter and model Miles McMillan, and YouTuber and Twitch Streamer Meg Turney have already become part of the #HumanTogether Campaign, and we’ll likely see more join in the effort as Pride Month continues.

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