The Best Social Media Apps For Live Streaming [Gifographic]

The Best Social Media Apps For Live Streaming [Gifographic]

Which Is The Best Live Streaming App? Facebook Live, Live.ly, Live.me & More

Live streaming is becoming more and more ubiquitous, and with its rise on a number of social platforms comes the inevitable difficulty of deciding which one to use. Between Facebook Live, Instagram Live, YouTube Live, Live.ly, and Live.me, there’s a bevy of features to sort through.

Though most platforms have similarities and generally accepted feature standards, each one is a little bit different and offers users different capabilities and experiences where broadcast, discovering, and sharing videos are concerned.

The Growth Of Live Streaming Social Media Apps & Platforms

Right now, the streaming industry is booming. The industry as a whole is estimated to reach over $70 billion by 2021, and in Q3 of 2015, ad views on live streaming videos grew by 113% YoY. Facebook live videos are viewed three times longer than videos that aren’t live, and each of the major live streaming platforms see millions of monthly active users. As such, live streaming represents a huge opportunity for marketers.

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The Ultimate Live Streaming Platform Comparison Gifographic

We put together a guide to the biggest live streaming platforms available today. With information on how to access live streaming capabilities, how to find your friends, how to discover other live videos, and what happens to a live video after the stream’s ended, here’s everything you need to know about getting started in the world of live streaming.

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Best Live Streaming App Platform Gifographic Comparison

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February 25, 2017 By Mediakix Team

  • https://www.dailytut.com/ dailytut

    Facebook Live is the best when it comes to reaching more audience to existing user base. Its super easy to use and works out of the box. By the way, nice infographic you have here. (Y).


  • https://www.cygnismedia.com/ Acton Balder from Cygnis Media

    YouTube is the ideal one for live videos streaming. There is no comparison of YouTube with others. Check out the latest facts and figures of YouTube:
    – Number of Users: 1,300,000,000
    – Number of Video Uploads per minute: 300 hours of video uploaded
    – Number of Videos Watched per day: Nearly 5 billion
    – Number of Visitors each day: Almost 30 million

  • Paul

    Live.me is the best because they share the money they make with broadcasters. You can earn money!

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