The Top 20 Musical.ly Users

The Top 20 Musical.ly Users

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The 20 Most Popular Musical.ly Users & Social Media Stars [Infographic]

UPDATE November 15, 2017 — Musical.ly may not yet have the name recognition of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube among older social media users, but it’s a hit with the younger crowd, and it’s still growing. In an effort to keep this article as up-to-date as possible, we’re adding some of the newest numbers from Musical.ly. We’ve preserved the article’s original text and clearly denoted updates below select passages.

Variety recently disclosed how top Musical.ly users are now making an average of nearly $50K across a two-week span with the social media music-sharing app's live streaming component, Live.ly. With several of its top Musical.ly users boasting more than 3 million followers each on the breakout app, these social media stars also have hugely-followed adjoining channels including Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

We've compiled some of the most famous, biggest, and currently trending top Musical.ly Users and stars in addition to their social followings on other apps and platforms. Each of these top Musical.ly users receive millions of views on their videos as well as six-figure view counts on Live.ly. These social media influencers are at the intersection of several important trends including the rise of mobile and social media use, the decline of time spent on TV, and the success of influencer marketing.

Who Are The Top Musical.ly Users?

While some of the top Musical.ly users and stars received their breakout acclaim from the app itself, many others got their start on other social media platforms and networks including YouTube, Vine, Instagram, and more. Musical.ly's rapid rise and popularity among Generation Z has helped fuel the million-follower growth of these top users' audiences.

UPDATE May 5, 2017: In December, co-founder and co-CEO of Musical.ly, Alex Zhu, announced that Musical.ly had over 130 million users and 40 million monthly active users. More recently, Musical.ly partnered with Apple Music (in addition to previous partner 7digital) to supply songs on the app, which are a staple of Musical.ly content.

UPDATE November 15, 2017: Musical.ly now has over 200 million users, and over 13 million videos are uploaded daily. Earlier this week, the platform was acquired by Bytedance, a Chinese technology company, for an undisclosed amount reportedly between $800 million and $1 billion. Bytedance's acquisition of Musical.ly shows confidence in the growing app's potential, and will likely further improve Musical.ly's reach and functionality.

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See our infographic below for the top Musical.ly users, social media stars, and power users for one of 2016's top trending apps:

Top Musical.ly Users Social Media Stars Infographic List

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