What Is ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response)?

What Is ASMR What Does ASMR Stand For Definition Examples

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What Is ASMR? Definition, Examples, History, & Adoption With Top YouTubers

In recent years, Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (or ASMR for short) has piqued the interests of millions with coverage and in-depth features from Mashable, Vice, The Atlantic, and more. ASMR, a physical sensation akin to "the tingles" or someone lightly running their fingertips over your skin, is caused by specific combination ("triggers") of sounds and visuals oftentimes soothing in nature.

ASMR's popularity and relevance are driven largely by "ASMRtists," video creators who record and upload videos designed to elicit these types of responses from viewers. In tandem with ASMR's popularity, top YouTube influencers ("YouTubers") or content creators who feature or specialize in ASMR have exploded in growth resulting in millions of views, thousands of subscribers, and a new, vibrant, and engaging online community.

What Is ASMR? Definition Of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response:

ASMR, sometimes referred to as auditory-tactile synesthesia, is a new phenomenon sweeping the YouTube nation (Mashable). ASMR is described as an encompassing euphoric tingling and relaxation that someone experiences when he or she watches certain videos or hears certain sounds (Sleep.org).

As ASMR becomes a more widely acknowledged sensation, reports of individuals experiencing their own autonomous sensory meridian responses, commonly referred to as a "braingasm," is increasing (The Atlantic). Despite rising popularity, not everyone experiences ASMR in the same capacity or manner, making ASMR audiences niched and specific.

History & Background Of ASMR

Before it had first been tentatively coined in 2010 by the Facebook-ASMR Group leader Jennifer Allen, “autonomous sensory meridian response” was rarely discussed and communicated (ASMR University). While there were occasional online videos that triggered ASMR in people, there were few channels and individuals that were explicitly devoted to ASMR as a genre. Even the “father” of ASMR, Bob Ross, did not intentionally seek to define the phenomenon in the 1980’s (Make Use Of). The first YouTube channel that specialized in whisper sounds, WhisperingLife, was only established in 2009, and was popularized years after (ASMR University).

Upon the creation of an online community, ASMR has resonated with thousands of people as a human communication and connection experience. According to Google, “AMSR” appeared as a search term in 2011 and rose in popularity in 2013 (The Atlantic). With the help of Facebook and YouTube, ASMRtists have risen to fame. Triggered by videos of people doing simple, quiet, and calming tasks, ASMR is a natural fit for YouTube. YouTubers that are capitalizing in this mysterious physical sensation are becoming incredibly prominent, some touting over hundreds of thousands of followers (Washington Post).

Examples & Use Today Of ASMR By Top YouTubers & Channels


Aly, creator behind 419,000 subscriber YouTube channel ASMRrequests, is one of the most followed ASMRtists on YouTube. She creates content on role play, brush-centered sounds, and show-and-tell topics using a whispering voice. In this video, Aly gives full disclosure at the beginning of the video that the content was sponsored by LaserAway.

ASMR Darling

ASMR Darling, Taylor Darling, is an ASMRtist with over 306,000 subscribers on her channel. She creates video content on role play, make-up role play, and more. In this video, Taylor showcased a fashion haul sponsored by www.wholesalebuying.com.

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