Which Is Truly Better? Instagram vs. Snapchat Stories

Instagram vs Snapchat Stories Infographic Comparison Social Media

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Instagram vs Snapchat Stories: A Side-By-Side Infographic Comparison

The launch of Instagram Stories sent shockwaves through the marketing world leaving many wondering who wins the battle for social media supremacy between Instagram vs Snapchat. Now, brands have twice as many social media options when it comes to creating and publishing authentic, "in-the-moment" disappearing photos and videos—the type of content that was previously only available on Snapchat—and leading many marketers to ask the questions: What are the most notable differences between Instagram newest feature and Snapchat? And which platform is best for my next social media or influencer marketing campaign?

How Instagram vs Snapchat Stories Stack Up

Not sure which social media platform is best for your brand's marketing content? See our original infographic for a visual comparison of Instagram Stories and Snapchat, including audience demographics, features, functions, and more:

Instagram vs Snapchat Stories Infographic Best Social Media


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Potential Reach Between Instagram vs Snapchat

Instagram's total user base is 500 million with a daily active user count of 300 million. These figures give Instagram twice the reach Snapchat, which boasts an estimated 150 million daily active users.

Audience & Demographics

Though Snapchat audiences skew a bit younger than Instagram's, both platforms are adept at attracting teenage and millennial social media audiences (who now spend around twenty minutes a day on each app, according to Similar Web). Again, Instagram has a slight advantage over Snapchat—around 50% of 12- to 34-year-olds use Instagram, compared to 40% of the same age demographic that uses Snapchat.

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Content Discoverability

Instagram has long made "search" an integral part of the app, and users can find top Instagrammers, friends, brands, and content by searching names, hashtags, and locations. Snapchat does not provide a way for users to discover new content (except through the "Discovery" feature, which features Snapchat Stories created by publishers).

Brands On Platforms

According to eMarketer, over 90% of global brands are now on Instagram compared to less than 50% who claim to be on Snapchat.

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Instagram vs Snapchat Features

With Geofilters, lenses, stickers, and Bitmojis, Snapchat clearly has more to offer users in this category. Instagram currently only provides users with a way to write on Instagram Stories and use emojis (both of which are also available on Snapchat).

Instagram vs Snapchat Functionality

Functionality can be difficult to define, and here we use the term to show how both Instagram Stories and Snapchat interacts with users and the content published on the platform.

Generally, both apps are similar in their functions, though Snapchat tells users when a screenshot has been taken and allows Snapchatters to send private, personal snaps as messages. Instagram Stories, by comparison, is unique in that it lets users rewind an Instagram Story to see a previous video or photo.

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