More Millennials Using Ad Blockers Than Ever

Millennials Ad Blocking Statistics Twitter Poll

image via Variety's "Pewdiepie No. 1 In Digital Star Ranking"

Ad Blocking Statistics: Millennials Using Ad Blockers In Record Numbers

Shortly after retweeting a Twitter poll on whether his 6.6+ million Twitter followers would pay for YouTube's subscription service, top YouTuber Pewdiepie (with over 40 million subscribers on YouTube) follows with a revealing poll of his own:

Millennial Ad Blocking Statistics Twitter Poll

The poll results are alarming: 40% of millennials are using ad blockers. 

Though informal by nature, Pewdiepie's seemingly care-free Twitter poll is nothing to sneeze at. With arguably some of the largest millennial followings across top social media channels and networks, the finds of this poll are significant. Pewdiepie's audiences represent some of the web's most engaged and active demographics. With 40% of them using ad blockers en masse, this statistic represents massive disruption for advertisers and publishers -- so much so that the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) dramatically reversed its stance on ad-blocking with the statement, "we messed up."

Perhaps spurred on by global trends of ad blocking, YouTube launched their first-ever subscription service featuring ad-free videos. The problem? As evinced by an earlier Twitter poll, most of its avid consumers are already experiencing an ad-free YouTube via ad blockers. When it comes to paying for YouTube Red, one of Pewdiepie's followers deadpanned, "ad block is free -- I had forgotten YouTube even had ads."
Top YouTuber Pewdiepie addresses YouTube subscription service YouTube Red
In a rather serious Tumblr post, Pewdiepie goes into depth about ad blocking, paying for YouTube red, and why these two statistics are at the heart of what may be an advertising industry revolution. With so many differing opinions amongst YouTubers, advertisers, and audiences alike, it's difficult to imagine just how far the ramifications of millennial ad blocker use and/or lackluster YouTube Red sign-ups will have. Stay tuned.

YouTube Red and rising rates of millennial ad blocking use is a developing story. Check back for latest updates or subscribe to our industry digest for breaking news, stats, and trends! 
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October 30, 2015 By Evan

  • Mark L Murphy

    There’s a reason more and more sites are taking the drastic step of blocking adblockers: Because no other option has even come close to working.

    Subscriptions have been tried. The numbers are grim.

    Micropayments have been tested. It’s a no-go.

    Begging for whitelisting has been tried. It doesn’t work in any meaningful sense.

    Millennials want FREE content and they don’t want ads. No debate. No discussion.

    Is it any wonder projects like blockadblock.com are soaring now? There’s a war brewing and all middle ground has failed.

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